martes, octubre 31, 2006

And so, prompted by my alcohol driven journalist buddy back in the grey place known as Brussels (the Sprout to those in the know) it begins. I can't promise that it will be interesting but it will be true.

Today is a good day. The Prophets of Doom have all chuffed off to the beach and I just need to drive to the airport later to pick up mia mariposa (Spanish for butterfly). Queens of the Stone Age are blasting out on the stereo, the DVD of Wallace and Gromit (Were rabbit doofer) is waiting for later and I have beer and Wodka (need to see the HIM video to get that reference).

Been busy cleaning the house for the later arrival. In theory, you could eat your lunch off the floor but just dare....... <: grrrrrr

So, in conclusion, we have alcohol, food (burittos tonight), a freshly made bed oh and that big yellow thing in the sky. Doesn't get much better in a rock and roll world.

Have just received a mail informing me that "Clerk Kent" got his wrist slapped for posting pictures on his blog. Ha - I laugh in the face of danger!!

hasta luego,