sábado, junio 27, 2009

Jesus Jackson

Not many things could have aroused me from my blogging hibernation - well, nothing has until now.

Michael Jackson is dead.

Sorry Wacko fans but, it was rather inevitable. I am sure there are squillions of people in the world who are really sad - I'm not one of them but, they feel some connection I do not share.

I was watching the coverage of the story on CNN with a Gothic curiosity and was beguiled by the reporters. I particularly liked the one stationed outside the house in Bel Air who said "This street usually has vans with fans (sic) who sleep here but they have all gone now to UCLA " and my first thought was - well what the fuck are you doing there then?

Later, I was watching BBC News and they had an interview with Uri Geller (famous for his bending spoon thing) and a friend of the now dead Jackson.

"So you were good friends with Michael" said the interviewer
"We had our ups and downs - sometimes we didn't even talk" he replied

Not surprised - if you kept fucking his cutlery up.

BUT, the real moment for me was when they started interviewing fans. Some were devastated (don't get it myself but, OK), some were celebrating his life (made a little more sense) but one woman said.........

"This will be remembered as the day Jesus died"

Er - no. You stupid little woman. If base your whole life on fiction the nasty goblins in pointy hats will get you.

However, I must thank Apple for my iPod. For the rest of the year, Michael Jackson will be on high rotation on every radio station. In my ears, I will be listening to Lacuna Coil.