domingo, marzo 15, 2009

Free Stuff

Collecting Free Stuff

I'm not really sure where the obsession started, I guess it was in my childish years, but, I like 'free stuff'.

By 'free stuff' I am referring to items that you would normaly have to purchase with money.

A balloon is not 'free stuff' - it's just childish nonsense, unless it's filled with helium and then you can attach it to something (like a cat) because they were not designed to fly.

Getting 'Free Stuff' is not that difficult - companies are giving away pointless shit every day. Pens, T-shirts, umbrellas etc.

Am I going to buy their products/services? Am I fuck - just give me the 'free stuff'.

Once in a while, I give bag fulls of 'free stuff' away to charity. Will they use it? - I doubt it.

Can they use it to twat fish on the head and feed a family for a week? - maybe, if it's a really stupid fish.

The point is, 'free stuff' is good' and, Mr Taxman "you can slide down the razorblade of life, using your bollocks for brakes"

Meanwhile, back in reality :

Cool - look. You can use this laser thingy for