sábado, junio 19, 2010

In A Band Again

After a hiatus of many years I have decided to perform again. Probably not the wisest of ideas but who gives a fuck.

To explain - many years ago, I was in a rock band. Not a particularly successful rock band but good enough to play theatres, universities, etc.

We would have supported Oasis if the cnuts had turned up.

Anyhoots, I got a 'proper' job and the band spilt up. For many years, I resolutely refused to join a band again as I didn't want to spoil the memories.

Now - that time has passed - I'm back.

Whether this shit works or not is wholly irrelevant - I am back.

It will change absolutely nothing in the world - will not save Africa or be a hit on You Tubeless but, it's only Rock n Roll.

The dubious offers of sexual liasons may or may not reappear, but I will not give a fuck - been there, done that.

I will start a separate Band Blog though - weird shit happens when you are in a band.