lunes, noviembre 17, 2008

Piss Off Religious Freaks

Picture the scenario if you will.

One, very tired Goth sits at a bar, chatting to an amiable barman.

It's been a long day for both, for differing reasons, but they agree that puzzles in The Daily Express will suitably vex, and relax them both.

After an hour or so of entertainment - the Goth points out that, in the BIG crossword, the Irish barman should really know the answer to the question:-

9) Old Testament book in which Moses conducts a census of the Israelites (7 letters)

Getting bored, Goth provides the answer.

The barman exclaims "You can't know that"

"Well, I can actually as I've read most religious texts unlike....."

*cue previously un-noticed American to open his mouth*

"It's true - it has been confirmed by my chapter"

*cue - a moment of jaw-dropping silence*

"So you're saying that you looked up an answer, with your coven of religious students, to confirm that I was correct?" asks an incredulous Goth.

"Yes" he replied "We're studying it a chapter at a time"

Being a Zen-like Goth - it was time to walk away.

Didn't want to spoil the ending - that would be in revelations.

domingo, noviembre 09, 2008

Jesus Surfing

If you read the bible (the free book in hotel rooms in case you run out of toilet paper) you will know that jesus lived by the sea.

Living by the sea is very useful if you want to be a fisher of men, or a fisherman or - more importantly, catch some waves.

Dog, (being an anagram) said to his prototype:-

"I have invented the tree, and it's full of wood and stuff"

His son was busy smoking and talking weird, and growing a beard but remembered his training as 'Son of a Carpenter'

Thus, from the mighty tree, jesus did plane and polish to create - The Surfboard.

Although, a mighty fine idea, young master jesus has no idea HOW to surf.

"I have this really good idea" said JC "might work, might not"

As JC walked across the water, the disciples sat on the beach, stroking their beards.

When his dad created a huge wave of love, JC rode on it and proclaimed

"Yay - hanging ten"

at which point, most of the disciples, being wise, ran away.

When he arrived on the beach, he said to those remaining "I will teach you, and the you can teach others".

And thus they practiced - a lot.

Killed a lot of fish in the process too.

domingo, noviembre 02, 2008

Vote NOW America

Because you should

I had to bypass some shit, because I am 'Bob The Plumber' thus...

'Y'all have a decision to make'. It might not seem impotent but it is relevant.

Vote now.

You have THE choice Americans.

I know my opinion but, I'm silly enough to have a brain.

Have the fucking decency to turn up and express your opinion.

If you can't be arsed, fine, but don't ask me to listen to your moaning shit later.....