domingo, mayo 11, 2008

Back To Reality

So, having composed myself, in my perfect place - which was nice, and full of dolphins and vampire bats that only fed on hippies, and sunshine, and tostados con tomatos - I returned to the floating turd of Europe.

Am I a happy little Goth? - No, not really.

Granted, my little Gothic portions have a somewhat tanned appearance and I even went shopping for items that I have no use for at all (and could have stole much faster).


I discovered that, my little Gothess, is being a victim of mindless thuggery. My initial desire - to go there and rip their fucking hearts out - was countermanded by the fact that Mrs Ex-Goth, in her infinite wisdom-less, has decreed that I will not interfere, ever, even if I could fix things faster.

Mini-Goth (the Brad Pitt of Gothic-ness) had a similar issue several years ago. Back then, I was also not allowed to interject or generally show any emotion.

I was so desperate to bring 'furious vengeance' onto the perpetrators - but, I was told I could not. Apparently, the 'system' will deal with them, and spank their bottoms in a jolly hard fashion.

*Deep Breath*

In the meantime, I will remain the "whacks on, whacks off" person and hug some small trees

6 comentarios:

john.g. dijo...


Welcome home, my Gothic mate! Glad you had a good rest. As for the perpetrators, just BITE them!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Hola Amigo - I am trying not to bite the twats as they may be Cunt-agious

john.g. dijo...

Ha,ha, true!

PI dijo...

Calmez vous! More deep breaths and try not to stress - you'll only harm yourself.

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

Teach her to box. Never did me any harm.

bananas62 dijo...

Ciao My Goth Man!
Hoping your Gothess is ok and she has enough of her dad in her to kick the bloody hell out of the Bad Guys! with the utmost style and flair of course!