miércoles, febrero 17, 2010

Facebook - Kiss My Gothic Arse

Funnily enough, although the title gives it away somewhat, I have been known to offend people. I make no apologies for doing so when said offended people opened themselves to criticism.

Some time ago, I used to spend my time on the train coming up with ludicrous thoughts to provoke institutions into reaction, which I would subsequently post on this blog - with some success I might add. However, I had the time to do it as I was sat on a train travelling from home to work.

Having changed jobs though, I no longer needed to use the train service from Bruxelles and didn't have the time to formulate bizarre ideas. Hence I turned to Two-Facedbook.

Bad mistake.

There are some scary little monsters in that cavern of depravity.

If I want to criticise an individual, I will do it to their face - even if it means I receive a kick in the bollocks for my honesty.

Looking on the bright side - if you want to lighten your personal luggage of superficial friends - use Two-Facedbook.

Thus, I am back (for now) - until the religious nutters freak me out again.

para mí soy sencillo - si usted no quiere saber, no lea

7 comentarios:

Leni Qinan dijo...


I didnt change your link to my sleepyheads list because I had the feeling that you would be back, but also on Facebook???

((Hey, welcome back to the blogsphere!))

Princess of the Universe dijo...

I've missed you darlingest...

Zed dijo...

It's nice to see you around - I thought that due to your busy schedule, you'd given up for good.

john.g. dijo...

Glad you're back, you madman!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Ms Kravitz -> The beauty of being a Goth is that it is never over until you turn the lights on. As for Facist-book, it was amusing for a small time

Princess -> Apologies my love - I haven't had chance to visit the Universe yet - but I appreciate your thoughts

Zed -> It has been a tad busy but I missed insulting people ;-)

JG -> Thanks but, calling me a madman? I'm not the lunatic who insults the landlady and then can't run away (p.s. joke on it's way via mail).

Anónimo dijo...

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Anónimo dijo...

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