viernes, octubre 24, 2008

Schools Out Forever (Or Not)

School is a scary time - although, it gets an awful lot worse when puberty kicks in.

As I have never set out to be popular, it wasn't a huge deal for me - avoiding getting the shit kicked out of me seemed more important than how I looked to other people.

Someone might have a trend-setting haircut but admiring it in a hospital bathroom nursing broken limbs seems a somewhat vacuous choice to me. I was far happier if everyone assumed I was weird and just avoided me.

However, when puberty kicked in and I wanted to test my theoretical education on sex, being the weird outsider was somewhat of a hinderance.

So, I did what I had to - got barred from every computer in the complex and then forged a career in the very same thing (after a brief attempt at being a rock star).

I was however, gutted, when a number of years later, I met the one girl who I would have died for. In casual conversation, reminiscing about the 'school days' I mentioned how much love I thought I had for her at the time.

"Why didn't you ever say anything?" she asked with a wistful look in her eye

"Sorry to be so obvious" I replied "But you were the one that all the boys wanted, and some of the girls too. There was no way I was going to ask you anything and have my dreams shattered"

"But I would have said 'Yes' immediately - you were the only one I was interested in"

*Oh for fucks sake - now you mention it...*

Why bring this up now? Because that School Reunion thing is looming and people I haven't seen or heard from for many years are connecting.

I had a brief 'conversation' with someone who asked me if I remembered even meeting her 20+ years ago. She was somewhat shocked when I could recall every detail of the meeting, and exactly what transpired.

I have an excellent memory but, I am male so, by definition, I have a selective memory.

Your turn now - share the pain of education with Dr Goth ;-).......

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Princess of the Universe dijo...

Goth I love you dearly- but I honestly would like to just forget about school. I went from birth to being in a career...

Ani Smith dijo...

You can't have possibly been the weird kid in school if you're actually considering attending the reunion. ;)

Scouse Doris dijo...

I went to a school reunion about 7 years ago and there was a bloke there who I had worshipped from afar but had barely spoken to. He came straight over to me and said he was glad I was there as he had always fancied me and then proceeded to light a joint and wave it in the face of our old music teacher while telling us both how many times he had been to prison. I did come to the conclusion by the end of it that if I had only had a conversation with him it would have saved a lot of heartache at the time....

john.g. dijo...

The pain of education?

Religious fucking Education! Nuff said!

zoe dijo...

School is but a vague memory that I'm trying to extinguish entirely.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Princess -> reciprocated my love - school is what it was

Ani -> I was everything but nothing

Doris -> not your job to save Psychos, you just help the EU

JG -> A recipe for disaster there - religion - education = ?!

Zoe -> wine is a good eraser, but I find Vodka more efficient

PI dijo...

Once and once only. We had name tabs and one cheeky woman looked at it and declared ' You're not 'Pat ------!'
Apparently after I had left there was another Pat ------ in the school.
On the whole it was an interesting and at times pleasurable experience but not one I shall repeat.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Bet the other Pat was from the CIA - she was undercover pretending to be you ;-)

kimmyk dijo...

honey's 20 year class reunion is next month...i can't imagine.

i never went to my class reunions-i'd like to avoid those memories if possible.

i hope you go though and maybe you'll see her???

SusannahS dijo...

High school was absolute h*ll for me. Thanks to years of Education at the Hands of Insensitive Penguins, I was painfully introverted and socially awkward when I transferred to a non-Catholic school. I skipped my class's 10 yr. reunion because I just couldn't deal with going back to see people who remembered the 'old me'...yet in the last couple of years, I've talked to several classmates and I've been pleasantly surprised to learn that their perception/memories of me are much more positive than I expected. It's almost been therapeutic in a way.

Mr Farty dijo...

Never been to a class reunion, it would probly shatter my illusions. I remember being totally in lust with Mrs Grey, my English teacher. *sigh*

Oh. You're tagged.

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

I never went to a class reunion, but went back to school in my late 30's to visit one particular teacher. They told me I could wait in the staff room. I was the oldest person there.