martes, agosto 19, 2008

Look Boss - The Plane

It's that time again - time to get on a plane and fly somewhere other than here. It's relatively cool in that I have already 'checked-in', selected the seats and have transportation at both ends arranged - (why didn't someone think of the internet before it was invented?).

Unfortunately, I still have to deal with certain aspects that I hate when travelling. Namely, muppets who don't understand where they're going, security staff who only want to body-search 'attractive people' - not the fat fuckers who could easily hide a bomb, and families of retards whose sole intention is to impose their infestation of children on other people.

The good side is that I know the airport inside-out (having worked there) and thus will decamp to the business lounge to steal free peanuts etc. whilst attempting to look 'posh' in a really cheap way.

I'm happy that Mariposa will get to see my homeland (for the first time) but slightly anxious that she might think it's totally shit. That's understandable - it's why I don't live there anymore. However, I would like it to be a magical experience for her and thus I shall make an effort to create a Welshy-Disneyland.

So, suitcases packed, work dealt with, we depart. I apologise if I don't respond to your comments (assuming anyone actually reads this drivel) but I cannot 'auto-respond' to them. I had to create one of those for my work e-mail doofer and it reads like this:-

I'm sorry - I am out of the office from 14th August until 1st September.

I may be visting old relatives who will try to advise me on the best way to knit a teapot. If your query does not involve teapots, please contact **************.

Otherwise, I will respond to your mail on my return.

Live Long and Prosper :)

Enjoy my absence as many people will........

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The unbelievable magic box dijo...
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Leni Qinan dijo...

Enjoy your trip, Goth and have fun in your lovely Welshy-Disneyland. She will love it, I'm sure. Try to disconnect your HD for some days, we will be missing you. :)

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

Leni, have you ever been to Wales? I bet she won't. I know people who joined the army to get away from it. Why do you think Dylan Thomas drank so much? Richard Burton, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, Anthony Hopkins ... none of them live in Wales.

Leni Qinan dijo...

(*can't stop laughing*)

Yes, Dafne, I've been to Wales. But just for one day. Before I met Mr Qinan, I had a very sweet and lovely boyfriend from Bristol (mmmm...) who took me to Cardiff and St Fagan's.

And in all honesty, I didn't find it so horrible. But I may be wrong. (Comeon, a land where so many interesting people like the abovementioned come from, can't be so horrible!) I hope the Queen of Butterflies thinks the same. :))

Elaine dijo...

Goth, you must hire yourself out as away-message writer. Will you write on for me the next time I go away? As said so nicely in "Bridget Jones' Diary" "Why be boring?"

john.g. dijo...

Look forward to the visit, Goth!

Blue dijo...

Woo Goth, your coming back to Wales.

For the last month the weather has been complete and total shit - August my arse.

Hope you find something to do here 'cos I've been looking for 2 months and haven't found anything.

( . )( . ) dijo...

Oooooh have fun on your travels. Behave and all that.

....You Sick Bastard dijo...

Another Goth Adventure! Can't wait for all the gory unholy details when you return!

Sewmouse dijo...

Our VP here at work demands that he be the only person with "Permissions" to make out-of-office e-mail responses.

We can compose them, but he implements.

Probably because he figures I'd write something like you did and he would be embarassed.

the git.

PI dijo...

You are forever going away. How do you fancy a Gold Cup award? You can pick it up from my side bar - sadly I can't do deliveries.