lunes, marzo 10, 2008


A slightly truncated use of a word that I recognise only from Wales, but one I will be using a lot this week - e.g.

"ere, come and 'ave a look at my washing - it's gleamin"

It's not very often that I get the chance to celebrate being Welsh - in general we're shit at most things that don't involve sheep. However, it would appear that our rugby team did not read the conditions attached to being Welsh and so, taking no bloody notice at all, decided to win a trophy. And, if all goes well, at the weekend they should win the Championship - assuming they don't fall over various frogs legs littered around the Milennium Stadium.


Who said rugby was shit?! Erm, actually, that will have been me then - on account of being built to be the perfect size for a corner flag and still being forced to play rugby at school - twice....

There are some good things that came from Wales - The Stereophonics for example, who played here in Bruxelles last Monday. Unfortunately, there are rather more shite things to emerge from the land of my birth.

Thus I have compiled a list of famous people from Wales, in two categories - 'Gleamin' = good, 'Goppin' = shit.

  • Ryan Giggs - still the best FA cup goal ever
  • Stereophonics - top gig fellas
  • Manic Street Preachers - suicide is painless, and proofless
  • Joe Calzaghe - yeah, doesn't sound very Welsh but he'll still kick your ass
  • Anthony Hopkins - having a friend for dinner with a nice Chianti
  • Tom Jones - and his pile of wet knickers
  • Charlotte Church - voice of an angel but a mouth full of....
  • Aled Jones and his frigging snowman
  • Michael Owen - no wonder you're ill all the time choosing to play for England
  • Catherine Zeta Jones - talentless harlot but nice...... er, .. bank balance

Feel free to suggest additions to the list in either category - best one wins a sheep....

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Sivle dijo...

Daffyd Thomas (The only gay in the village) - Gleamin
Katherine Jenkins - Goppin

john.g. dijo...

Gleamin', Spanish/Welsh Goth!

Goppin', Gavin Henson, wanker!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Sivle -> I'd agree with Dafydd but fucking hell, I forgot Neil Kinnock for the twat, sorry, Goppin list

JG -> tx matey - I would have included you but not being Welsh, you can't be there. As for Henson - you do know he's a Jim Henson creation right?!

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

Oh move Tom Jones to the Gleamin list, just for us old dears with our big knickers. Dame Shirley Bassey, still looking good at 108. The late great Neddy Seagoon. And are you too young to remember Max Boyce, boyo?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Daphne -> No, I will bloody well not move Tom Jones - plastic MF and as for Bassey, she's probably on the same Las Vegas Ship

Brom dijo...

hell I was going to suggest sheep for the first cat...

OK, with insider information boyo..

I'd say Fireman Sam for Gleamin and Dylan Thomas for Goppin.

Include Buckley's beer for gleaming, and Felin Foel (who bought them out and closed the brewery) for Goppin

Faggots (proper dark meaty ones) for gleaming, and Mid Wales for Goppin (boring, isolated and not as pretty as the other ends).

( . )( . ) dijo...

Rar. Pet shop boys = Gloppin.

PI dijo...

I can't believe a poet like you would have omitted Dylan Thomas. There's a puzzlement.
And it's not unusual for me to be with Daphne when she get's this party started.

Crabtree dijo...

-Gleamin -
Llywelyn Goch ap Meurig Hen , parce que j'aime les bardes .
Charles Meyrick Pritchard ,pour l'honneur dans la bataille de la Somme.
Evan James ,J'aime bien l'hymne Gallois .
Richard Burton ??( une tête de faux ...)
Sir Henry Morgan ,un assassin anobli .

Anónimo dijo...

101 uses for a pair of wet knickers.

Now there's a book just itching to be written.