viernes, marzo 28, 2008

The Joy Of Sex

It's amazing what you can derive from a book just by looking at the title. The Joy Of Sex is hardly likely to be about bee-keeping really. Having read it (and looked at the pictures) it pretty much is exactly as the title suggests. Not quite sure why you'd need a pocket version mind you - most of the pictures involve naked people so where would you stash the book?

The reason for me mentioning this? Because the winner of The Oddest Book Title of the year has just been announced - the top three were as follows:-

3 - Cheese Problems Solved
2 - I Was Tortured By The Pygmy Love Queen
1 - If You Want Closure In Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs

Rather unsurprisingly, the winning entry was written by a man. How he managed to fill a book on the topic is a mystery. The title kind of gives all the advice women need to end a relationship.

Now what I want to know is if any of you have actually read any of the previous winners?

They were:-
  • The Joy of Chickens
  • American Bottom Archaeology
  • Versailles: The View From Sweden
  • Re-using Old Graves
  • Highlights in the History of Concrete
  • The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories
and my personal favourite....

People Who Don't Know They're Dead: How They Attach Themselves to Unsuspecting Bystanders and What to Do About It

Wonder what that's about then?????

8 comentarios:

john.g. dijo...

The joy of chickens: seen the film, 'Chicken Run'.

john.g. dijo...

Shit! First!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Ooooo!!!! toilet paper first on the left - just try not to make a flag out of it

Honey dijo...

Bombproof your horse:

zoe dijo...

Well, you have to name your book something - so why not?

Crabtree dijo...

Ouch ! I died !!

I knows « If Versaill was narrated me »
The Joy of Chickens, it is a book of recipe of kitchen ??

SpanishGoth dijo...

Honey -> I'm from Wales so it should say 'Bum-proof Your Horse - or other furry animal'

Zoe -> It's a list you didn't make ;-)

Dip Dop -> Je pense pas si mais, ici quelque chose que vous pouvez aimer Ways To Distract Cooking Sisters - although a sister is not a chicken

PI dijo...

My first husband gave me JOS to read before we married. I wonder why?