lunes, abril 07, 2008

The Drugs Don't Work

So spoketh some miserable twat called Richard whilst whingeing about some cat in a bloody bag or something. Well, sorry pal, but they most certainly do work and with somewhat unpredictable consequences - but hilarious to anyone watching.

Before you get on your high horses, I am not talking about heroin or cocaine or that sort of shite. What I refer to is some prescibed bollocks that Dr Do-little gave me. I recall very little about why he gave me these little Xanax tablets in the first place. I do however recall two pertinent observations:-

1) the recommended dosage is 2 tablets (by which, apparently he meant 2 bits of the 4 piece tablet, not 2 whole tablets)

2) Do not drink any alcohol at all - which is like asking a child not to open it's christmas presents early

Needless to say, I took 4 times the dosage and was then curious to know what happened if you mixed them with alcohol.

Five minutes later I had gone from sober to completely twatted without passing 'get merry' or anything. Furniture suddenly started becoming an obstacle I couldn't master, walls went wobbly and everything was as funny as fuck - even blood.

As I stood there teetering, a friend suggested I should sit down.

"I'm about to" I burbled "I'm just waiting for the next time the sofa passes me"

So there you have it - the drugs most certainly do bloody work.....

4 comentarios:

john.g. dijo...


Now, no more drugs, stick to JD, it'll cure most things!

PS, like the new look!

PI dijo...

Silly boy. You've done it once - now don't do it again. Please.

Sewmouse dijo...

And no person got a photo?
I have a photo of my friend Mike who "accidently" mixed some Ativan with 3 double martinis.

Mouths aren't supposed to grin that widely.

SpanishGoth dijo...

JG -> it was only an experiment - me and JD have a lifelong friendship - glad you like the change

Pat -> indeed - therefore no need to try it again

Sewmouse -> no pictures thankfully, although certain walls still bear the dents