miércoles, abril 16, 2008

Pollution - What Is It Good For?

(Absolutely nothing - say it again)

Pollution - What Is It Good For?

China you should learn this before you entirely kill the planet, in a little 'kung-fu' type fashion and then complain that you couldn't see who won shit because of the bloody fog.

You have become the worst polluters on the planet, overtaking the United States Of A . . . (join the dots) for the first time in recorded history.

The 2008 Olympics are coming your way - but there might be a slight message for you in why no-one wants to be there - especially if they're from Tibet.

Congratulations - he said, in a supremely sarcastic Gothic way - because (and this is your fucking excuse, not me making the shit up for laughs) the official Chinese response to the Pollution Report is:

"There are more of us, and you in 'The West' started it"

Ooh, school playground tactics - well. my dad's bigger than yours (short-arsed twat) - AND, you invented gunpowder too and that wasn't such a brilliant fucking idea was it - apart from wanting to blow shit up for no reason?!

Do I get a BLACK MEDAL now?...

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SpanishGoth dijo...

Yeah - first - before a BILLION Chinese start trying to 69 me or whatever that Chung-Fu move is

Sewmouse dijo...

Unfortunately, although I personally will boycott the China Olympics, GWB refuses to do so, since global warming and pollution and torture and secret prisons and invading countries you don't own are some of the common ground he has with the Chinese.

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

Well they have got a point. We in the West built our power base by polluting the world, now we have discovered the error of our ways we don't want anyone else to do the same. It does smack of "do as I say not as I do". I'm not condoning China's attitude, but we are behaving a bit like an ex smoker. In any case, how do you stop China doing anything it wants? You can't exactly give it a smack on the botty and send it to bed with no supper, can you?

PI dijo...

Pollution - I agree is horrid. Flying over Delhi and seeing this black pall of lung-bursting gas was
frightening and disillusioning.

john.g. dijo...

Global warming, a cyclical occurrence. It's called nature, and is being used as an excuse to tax the arse of us all!

1930's, The warmest decade on record!

Our pin-prick of a country is getting shafted!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Sewmouse -> don't boycott the Chinese Olypics - the hurdles race should be easy

Daphne -> get off your fucking handbag - 'we' in the West does not include me

Pat -> Welcome to drugs my love, they are "frightening and disillusioning" I believe

JG -> You're just pissed off with nature, and they didn't have records in the 30's