miércoles, septiembre 17, 2008

American Idiots

I really don't like dealing with American Idiots (AI - also known as arsehole intelligence). Throughout my years on (and off) the planet, I have encountered many strange people but - to paraphrase Clint Eastwood - "A Goth's got to know his limitations".

Goth should not worry about this - he's not qualified (paid enough) to worry - but Goth does care.

Wednesday - communication that we should talk more with americans - ok

Friday - NO communication about what they were supposedly planning

Saturday - communication from Goth at 3am - "I have a really bad feeling about this"

Sunday - NO communication as AI kick into action

Monday - NOTHING works anymore
Monday - Goth is asking what the fuck they have done
Monday - AI are blaming Goth for not communicating
Monday - Goth is explaining the basic principles of communication
Monday - AI try to cover their tracks by deleting log files that Goth has already sent off network
Monday - Goth fixes the important bits and decides that home is a safer place to be
Monday - Conference calls are arranged but Goth has left the building

Tuesday - AI have found the answer, which is spookily the same as Goth suggested the day before
Tuesday - Goth has to explain what went wrong
Tuesday - AI decide they can fix the other bit
Tuesday - Goth goes out for a cigarette
Tuesday - Network crashes in a wholly predicted way taking out all European operations
Tuesday - Goth suggests ice cream and cakes or anything with sugar
Tuesday - More conference calls are suggested - Goth declines
Tuesday - Goth decides that Jack Daniels is a beautiful friend and leaves
Tuesday - AI fix the final part using exactly the same code Goth suggested

- now - Goth is planning a conference call with AI (and it will not be polite)

8 comentarios:

....You Sick Bastard dijo...

I try to avoid people with cowboy hats. They tend to make me nervous and uneasy.

Brom dijo...

I've been communicating with Merkans this morning too.

"Eggs over easy, bacon, coffee and juice please"

Off to Gitar center later ;-)

Sewmouse dijo...

I've been communicating with 'Merkans this morning as well. They haven't paid their bills because they don't have copies of the invoice - that I've faxed to them 10 times...

john.g. dijo...

Can we see the results?

SpanishGoth dijo...

YSB -> At least you can see them coming - just look for the nearest cow

Brom -> yeah, but you have rockets and guns and stuff

Sewmouse -> you should phone them and TELL them to put paper in their fax - it works better

JG -> of what? The brain scans - it's ok, they were all negative

PI dijo...

Who's Al?

Leni Qinan dijo...

I only work with locals at the moment -Burdish, French and Dutch the farthest work contacts, and it's not too bad-. So I haven't had the dubious honour of getting into a mess with AI.

We're a bunch of happy lazy hillbillies playing guitar and dancing flamenco under the sun here, you know. lol. ;)

Crabtree dijo...

Amnistie internationale ( dit AI ou Aï également nommé bradype appartenant à l'ordre des xénarthres)

"Comme notre action était prévue sur une durée limitée à trois jours, nous imaginions qu'eBay fermerait les yeux"
Plus de 200 annonces ambiguës !
Pour obtenir des renseignements vous ête dirigé vers des informations sur la traite des blanches ????

It is indeed of it that it is question ?