sábado, septiembre 27, 2008

Peace - My Arse

Apparently, Sir Paul of McCartney played a gig in Israel 43 years after The Beatles were banned for being too dangerous.

Now, whilst I respect that four scousers in suits generally is not a good thing - what the fuck were the 'Fab Four' going to do? Kidnap everyone in a yellow fucking submarine?

Whilst they were burbling on about only needing love, The Stones were rocking with 'Sympathy For The Devil' - I know whose side I'm on.

However, a Goth should not take sides. The two groups were equally shit, or equally good - although, I don't hear many grannies humming 'Paint It Black' - but let's just put that down to no Gothic Grannies.

So, whilst visiting one of the most divisive places on the planet, Sir P of M decides to sing 'Give Peace A Chance'.

Well DUH - they're not fucking listening - still.

Israelis -> "We have been fans for forty years and we are so proud he has chosen our land to play first"

Palestinians -> "We have been fans for forty years and we are so pissed off those bastards got to hear what we couldn't"

Peace? Yeah - my Gothic arse.

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Anónimo dijo...

Je suis surpris ? You did not stone to death me on the previous post !!

Sir Paul McCartney must be circumcised ? ( De l’importance d’être un Sir concis )

If a follower of the Intifada heard you , Knowing that you discovers your rear but with elegance ( My Arse ),it is likely to throw you small stones !!

john.g. dijo...

Peace? Over there! Fuck off!!

Leni Qinan dijo...

I actually have more sympathy for the devil than wishes of being kidnapped in a yellow submarine. ;)

Peace is impossible over there if even Sir Paul of McCartney is the excuse for a good fight.

((Oh and btw, I’m Kravitz –not Krabitz-. Krab or Crab is him (look two floors above me –not on top of me!-). (*points up with her index finger*)).

Make love, not war! It's always a lot more fun.

Paul "Sir" McCartney dijo...

Hey chill out maaan. Relax, dude, love is it.
Feel the vibes, don't eat animals and love your bank manager, he's only human.
Everyone is nice, except that bastard Michael Jackson, who owns my arse.

Anónimo dijo...

Du moment que la paie est bonne !!
Paie-t-on les trous de l'emmentale ??

SpanishGoth dijo...

Dip-Dop -> why would I stone you mon ami? Granted, if you presented me with frogs legs I would kick your arse over the pond but, I am Zen Goth now

JG -> I will not fuck off and there will be peace, even if it kills them

Ms Kravitz -> try watching The Simpsons and maybe you will get the pun. When you return to America they confiscate all illicit materials? (like brains)

Mr Premenstrual Mac -> "Relax, dude" - if you acted as you speak, the world would be a calmer place. Rage Against The Machine is a band, not a fucking philosophy

Crabtree -> chercher la femme - trouve le fromage ;-)

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

Perhaps they never will. If you've never heard a granny humming Paint It Black, you've never met my cousin Vera Slapp. A lesson in growing old disgracefully.

SpanishGoth dijo...

#la la la la la la# doesn't count.

Smelling of lavender also does not count as being Goth - she needs Patchouli...

Sewmouse dijo...

I will find me some pachouli cologne then.

I sing along with Mick an Keith an Charlie alla time. In my car. When nobody is looking. So nobody hears.

I probably won't be a gothic granny, though, as the spawn has told me she never wants to have kids.

JolietJake dijo...

I didn't know there were Paul McCartney fans in Palestine, honestly I'm shocked and awed. What about Iraq? We could send them Cliff Richard or Tom Jones, those biblical types probably know the answer to "why, why Delilah?", all I know is it must be Sampsons fault somehow.