sábado, septiembre 13, 2008

Talk to the BBC

Yeah right. They listen to no-one.

Every morning they blether on about texting us this, or e-mailing us that about what is on the news.

"We'll read it out live on TV" says the smarmy presenter.

They bloody do not !!

Thursday - 'Fire in the Channel Tunnel' (in case you didn't know, it's the tunnel under the sea) but the fire is still burning and it's the lead article on

Friday - "The people can't put it out" says silly woman turning to sillier man"No - they can't" replies idiot in a suit "But, here's the weather where you are"

So, I sent them an e-mail - pointless exercise!!

"Dear BBC, tell fire fighters to drill the ceiling - there's shit loads of water up above them - best regards, Goth"

and then I had to send another one

"Oh btw, tell them to fit a tap - plugging the hole with small Dutch children may not be popular now - lesser regards, Goth'

Response? - Fuck all. So sleep tightly Jean Claude Van Damme - your probing fingers are not required

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Crabtree dijo...

Merci sir Goth , it belongs to me to make effort in English !

This tunnel is only a lock to evacuate in case of pollution ! First plan of a tunnel of Albert Mathieu-Favier there 1801 ,Napoleon has nearly do the pigsty !! The French engineer Aimé Thomé de Gamond there 1855 propose the tunnel,long before François Mitterrand and Margaret Thatcher !!!

A conduit of pipe in kind , it am normal that he smokes !

SpanishGoth dijo...

Monsieur Carbtree - mon amie -> 'La navigation est un passe-temps de gens qui sont perdu'

Honey dijo...

I wish they had read it out.
thanks for the laugh.
bloody fire is stopping my application getting in on time, needs to be there monday. I'm not best pleased.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Which part?

A) Eurosquirrel is a tunnel?
B) Squirrels are under a lot of water
C)Monday, stuff needs to be in the United Fluffdom or else PAXO will never reach the heights it was intended to

kimmyk dijo...

and they didn't listen to you goth?

i dont understand why. you clearly thought it out and it's a great solution.

lol @ the jean claude van damme remark though. that dude is like so over rated anymore. omg that was funny!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Kimmy -> Jean Claude is a legend is his own mind-time.

Crabtree dijo...

Hé oui ! They can sail in cushy father, on big pool of ducks,but loneliness good advisor is not ! !

Crabtree dijo...

En attendant ,on a pas vue la fin du tunnel !!

" Sacar de un apuro , ver la luz al final del tunel "

Elaine dijo...

You know, it's the simple solutions that seem to be beyond most people. A tap! I would have thought that fairly obvious.

PI dijo...

It was the main topic at my son's as he and DIL are planning a trip to Bruges. Hope all is well again and no casualties.

Sewmouse dijo...

Your suggestion makes FAR too much sense, Goth, Sir. Governments never use SENSIBLE solutions! You need to come up with something outrageous.

JolietJake dijo...

JCvD is Belgian, hence "the muscles from Brussels". I just realised he has the same initials as that Lloyd-Webber musical "Jesus Christ, Venereal Disease!"