miércoles, julio 30, 2008

It's Really, Really Hard

It really is very hard. I'm not sure how people cope with it at all.

In fact, it becomes so hard that you want to physically explode - or make the person/people you are with explode in a blinding light.

One can try to be a gentle person, but the desire to fuck someone's brains out of their tiny little skull is so, so... tempting.

(Oh, Sex freaks - you might as well fuck off and masturbate somewhere else - no pictures here and, I was talking about idiots you have to deal with in a day to day life, not some menagerie-a-twat with monkeys etc).

*So, now that the 'Google-Freaksters' have pissed off on Kleenex.com - I will continue*

When I can be arsed, I work for a company so huge, we have a building with windows - well, a few of them (some that are locked to stop people committing suicide).

Every day, some people do some stuff and things happen - in a groovy 'happening' way.

Generally, I don't give a toss until they fuck up the computers - then I have to put my cigarette out in someone else's coffee and do something. This is where it gets really hard.

The problem is that the nice people make innocent mistakes. This is because they have never been trained but are the first to get blamed by the posh wankers who run the show. Meanwhile, the chinless wonders talking into their 'Shit-Berries' in airports across the world achieve nothing.

Well, in Goth World it is the same as 'techie-world'.

Check why your 'Shit-Berry' is deleting your CV/Resume. Try to blame some poor secretary for your fuck-ups and your hard drive is wasted. Oh dear, did I...


If, as one of the 'small' people, you made a mistake - just tell the truth and we in Goth World will fix it, even if it takes hours (and enact retribution on the fucker who blamed you, as a 'comp-sprt')

As for sex - it's over-rated . . . . . with me ;-)

Usually, too tired.....


7 comentarios:

( . )( . ) dijo...

Too tired for sex... are you mad? You make time for that shit. Fuck in between doing the laundry and cooking dinner, damnit if your that pressed for time you fuck while you eat your dinner... I am so shocked right now...

Leni Qinan dijo...

Yeah, definitely, Goth: Find some time for sex asap and enjoy. It’s fun. Healthy. Therapeutic. You’ll forget about the world and sleep like a baby then, lol.

Sewmouse dijo...

Sleep like a baby??

You mean pass out, then wake up every 20 minutes screaming until someone sticks a tit in your mouth?

I'd rather sleep like a rock.

Ani Smith dijo...

Ah, now we see the source of the problem: too much work not enough sex. You can't go on like this, Goth. It's not healthy.

Leni Qinan dijo...

Well, Sewmouse... I didn't mean exactly like that, but the other way round -sleeping like a rock is supposed to happen afterwards -not before- and the tit should not be sticked in my mouth, anyways... variety is the spice of life they say, lol-. :)

john.g. dijo...

You take note of what Arna says, or it'll be the death of you!

SpanishGoth dijo...


I had written answers to the comments and no, this piece of shit software lost it.

Well, fuck you, you oversized calculator - eat shit and die