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Through The Square Window

I would imagine, only readers from the yUK and of a certain age will recall the TV programme where that phrase came from. It was a kids show called Play School which was popular with very young children and college students who were drunk and/or copletely off their chops on drugs.

At one point in the show, they would announce that they were going through a window - a bit like a drunken englishman in a pub in Glasgow.

However, as the weather is typically Belgian (i.e. shit, again) today, there are no fat chicks getting arrested, no gorgeous women in skimpy clothes to look at - just a lot of water falling from the sky.

TV is not much better. There's a tennis match where some Amazonian woman is playing against a gorilla in a dress, some cycling doofer where a load of puffs in silly shorts skoot around France trying not to fall off - and that's about it really.

Which brings me back to childrens TV which used to be really good. I remember quite clearly some of the programmes. Some of my favourites included;-

The Magic Roundabout - where a bunch of strange puppets did something or other. I remember Dylan, the permanently 'high' rabbit who used to wander round saying "Groovy" a lot and a hyperactive puppet called Zebedee but I suppose you would get slightly active if someone shoved a giant spring up your arse.

Mary, Mungo and Midge - a bizarre tale of a six year old girl who lived in a high rise block with a talking dog and a equally vociferous mouse. All I can recall is that the mouse had to stand on the dogs nose to press the button for the lift.

Pipkins - a variety of strange animals including Hartley Hare, Octavia the Ostrich and a bizarre monkey called Tossoff the Monkey - I think Michael Jackson saw that one.

It all went downhill when the yUK started importingSesame Street. I mean how are a mouse and dog supposed to compete with a highly strung 8 foot tall yellow bird, a grumpy monster who lives in a trash can or a Cookie Monster? That's even before you got around to the class act that is Bert & Ernie or the Count (who loves to count).

Anyway, what was your favourite kids TV programme?

Oh, and there's a vote on the right. Pick your favourite character from Sesame Street and I will write a post in a Gothic version of the winning selection.

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john.g. dijo...

F*cking first!!

Thunderbirds, no doubt!

Joe 90, the four-eyed geek with the rich dad.

Captain Scarlett.

Stingray, (oh for Marina)!

Blue dijo...

I do hope Gothic Bert and Gothic Ernie became a permanent feature of the blog.

You should write about them every week Goth.

Scouse Doris dijo...

John G got in first with my faves - ie. Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. I was also partial to Daktari and Tarzan. Belle and Sebastian in the School holidays was exotic - so was Robinson Crusoe - I used to love the music.

I also used to watch Bod and Grange Hill with my little (6'3") brother. I had the advantage of a 'mickey mouse' job in a bank which ensured I was home by 4.30µ

I also remember something called Chocky and Chocky's children which I thought would be about chocolate of course but was about aliens.....another pet subject.

SpanishGoth dijo...

JG -> Thunderbirds was / is cool, Joe 90 I didn't like at all and I used to work with Captain Scarlet (well, someone who had his eyebrows anyway)

Blue -> The first Gothic Bert and Gothic Ernie posting is written, I just haven't posted it yet

Doris -> I remember Tarzan well. Bod I was never particularly keen on - especially that stupid tune she had - BUT, Aunt Flo, now that was a tune...

Elaine dijo...

Howdy Doody (of which I remember little except the opening) and Captain Kangaroo (of which I remember dear Mr Green Jeans). But actually my very best favorite was the Quaker Oatmeal commercial with the quaker man saying "Nothing is better for me than me." And Popeye cartoons. Oh, and the Ipana toothpaste commercial with beavers swinging on trapezes was really good, too.

Whatever happened to Blue Peter?

john.g. dijo...

Hell, Doris ,I forgot about Tarzan and Daktari!

JolietJake dijo...

The monkey was called Topof, as you well know.

According to the Chinese "only the monkey is able to deceive the dragon and the monkey is not scared of the tiger but teases him mercilessly".

Mr Farty dijo...

At school I had a mate who looked just like Joe 90, so we all called him Joe. Years later someone tried to introduce us to each other and was most surprised when I called him David (his real name).

Anyway, Tom and Jerry was my favourite for years and years until Rainbow came along. Nothing to do with Zippy and co, I just had a crush on Jane of Rod, Jane and Freddy. *sigh*

What about Captain Pugwash, with Master Bates, Seaman Staines and Roger the cabin boy?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Elaine -> yikes - I don't recall any of these except Blue Peter, which apparently is the longest running TV series for kids in the world

JG -> how could you forget Daktari you cross-eyed bozo?

JJake -> well duh. According to my Chinese, 69 is sweet and sour - so go figure

Mr Farty -> a crush on Jane? Gadzooks man.

As for Captain Pugwash - a lot of the names are urban legend rather than reality....

Leni Qinan dijo...

Why Kermit the Frog is not on the right, Goth? He’s my favorite!

I’ll pick the Count as second choice. He looks so cool and distinguished.

Over here –overseas- we watched Pippi Longstockings, The Smurfs, & Vickie the Viking.

Ms Kravitz (Actually, I went his way! The concert was great)

( . )( . ) dijo...

Trap Door...... i think it was called, it was awesome. And Gumby... gumby was the king. And sooty and sweep.

They call me the cookie monster because I eat too many drugs.

They dun fried my brains :P

PI dijo...

I can't believe you didn't watch your countryman and rejoice in his victory. Congrats on his behalf. I like them both but the Spaniard has a look of Tom my grandson. And he has a fantastic behind.

Sewmouse dijo...

Oh, Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans for certain!

And Garfield Goose and Friends.

And the Ray Rayner Show with Chelsea the Duck.

And Bozo's Circus for lunch in front of the TeeVee on a picnic blanket with Mom...

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

Only Pat will remember Watch with Mother - Andy Pandy, the Flowerpot Men and the Woodentops - Wally Whyton and Pussycat Willum, and Sooty and Sweep who are 60 years old! I was all growed up by the time Play Skool came along. I should think druggies would get off on the Teletubbies these days -- "wow, man, the colours ...."

Have to agree with Pat on Nadal's bum. And those biceps ... (swoon).

john.g. dijo...

Daphne, I remember all those, and i'm only 46!

Anónimo dijo...

Let's not forget...


But let's try and forget Michael Bentine's Pottytime 'cause it was was a bit rubbish an very scary.

Lynx dijo...

How about this lot:
Trumpton / Camberwick Green / Chigley
The Clangers
The Wombles
Mr Benn
Noah and Nelly
Ivor the Engine
Willo the Wisp

As a final thought, anyone for Muffin the Mule?

Anónimo dijo...

Oh crikey yeah - Dangermouse.

One of the best things on telly ever.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Ms Kravitz -> Beacause Kermit was too busy getting 'porked' to appear on the list

(.)(.) -> I thought that was Scooby snacks?

Pat -> I saw some of it but confess I was not taking a lot of notice of his arse though

Sewmouse -> there's continental drift for you - I haven't heard of any of those

Daphne -> I remember the flowerpot men which, incidentally have been created on a small roundabout on Av AJ Slegers in Bruxelles

JG -> I guess that's the drugs for you - perhaps you just need a newer TV?

Anonymouse -> I liked Potty Time - that's what happens when you let a Goon loose

Lynx -> I was wondering when Trumpton would make an appearance and I particularly enjoyed Mr Benn

Anonymouse -> Dangermouse? Is he a relative?

Leni Qinan dijo...

Oh yes, Kermit and Piggy, couple of the year.