lunes, julio 14, 2008

Oh Shit - It Broke

I used to say that a lot when I was a baby Goth - well, mainly when I had caused some form of destruction to my toys, my brothers toys or later, any mechanical device belonging to my parents.

I think maybe, it's an automatic thing to say when you accidentally destroy something.

Now, when my arm when through the square window, I didn't mention anything at the time - it was an accident and shit happens. But, it happened and I have moaned about the scratch on my arm a little too often. It really doesn't matter - nothing fell off or anything.

Anyway, today was the day when the bandages came off and I could wash my hair again. Once again, I could smell like I had been dunked in a vat of peach wine.

Well, hoozah and hoorah - I could finally say goodbye to the lovely Dr Frankenstein and her Ether washes. She gently removed the final strips with a violent tug and in theory I could return to abnormal life.

"What's wrong with your other hand?" she asked, far too suspiciously for my liking.
"Nothing" I replied "It was just feeling a little lonely, and lumpy from when I sat on it"
"When did you sit on it?" she asked
"Erm.... roughly about the time I fainted, give or take a little gravitational effect and tried to break my fall" I replied honestly

*the conversation speeded up at this point*

"So, why didn't you show me before?"
"Because you were busy dealing with the one that hurt more"
"X-ray now !" she demanded and off I skulked to see Dr Bones and his magical mystery machine

*20 minutes later*

"You do know this is a huge operation now?" she spat, like a woman I had lied to
"It's not" I said, trying to think how little it hurt
"Look at the fucking X-ray - it's completely broken - you're going to be off work for 6 months with this"
"Your English is improving" I said, trying to assess my escape routes
"Anyway, I'm not - cos I'm not getting it fixed" I winced and wandered out with as much dignity as I could muster.

Outside, I lit a cigarette gingerely and it was my turn now to say - oh shit, it broke.....

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Mr Farty dijo...

First! Haha, I finally beat John.

How do they plan to fix a broken hand anyway? It's not as if they can splint it or anything.

If you're interested, there's a little something over on my blog for you.

Leni Qinan dijo...

Always look on the bright side of life: you won’t be seeing your cow-workers for at least six months.

And you can drink and smoke while listening to Marilyn Manson. What more can a Goth wish? ;)

kimmyk dijo...

you broke it.
like really broke it goth.

you better take care of that now before it gets like way worse and stays that way.

6 months? that's like a long time. you musta really broke it.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Mr Farty -> first, they plan to fix it by breaking it again, and then doing some shit with superglue or something. As my legs are fine, the fuckers still have to catch me first

Ms Kravitz -> I will be seeing them tomorrow and laughing inside as they take the piss out of me. Afterwards, as they all have to do my stuff, they will be crying inside. That's a Goth-wish ;-)

SpanishGoth dijo...

Sorry Kimmy - takes me longer to type now. Yeah, I kinda broke it, but it doesn't hurt...much

danger anonymouse dijo...

Oh get it fixed.

What if it gets worse as you get older?

What if one day, you wake up and you can't stick a couple of rizlas together? (Yes I know there is Kingsize, but they're not the same)

Or you're unable to smoke and drink at the same time?

You're being a bit of a wimp if you don't mind me saying.

Leni Qinan dijo...

Let them take the piss out of you… he who laughs last, laughs best, ;-)

Congrats on that ‘something’ from Mr Farty. Arte y pico prizes are Spanish –I got one some months ago from a Portuguese blog friend-. It’s fun how they go around the world.

I really hope you get better. Tell the docs -before they cut-n’-paste- that you need to blog and type, lol.

Sincerely yours,

Ms Kravitz

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

No I really admire you Goth for not getting your broken hand fixed, it's the most manly thing I ever heard of, will you have my babies?

Not your wanking hand I hope?

SpanishGoth dijo...

DangerM -> that's why I have a wench roll them for me smartarse

Leni -> I'm not going for the cut n paste malarkey - 6 months in plaster would bore the shit out of me

Daffers -> it's not like it's fallen off or anything - as for masturbation... I do no such thing

john.g. dijo...

Any bloody excuse! Broken hand, piffle, and bollocks to you Farty!!

PI dijo...

Well thank God it isn't life threatening but please DO be careful.
Accidents are permissible if you learn from them. Now think on!

Scouse Doris dijo...

What the?

Don't be a chicken goth - get it fixed. I know from experience (not my own incidently) that the longer you leave these things the more grief they give you.

All things medical are from the devil but if anyone knows what he's doing - he does.

Danger Anonymouse dijo...

Oh ok.

( . )( . ) dijo...

I say fuck em all. Dont get it fixed. Pain is the only real thing anyway. At least while it still hurts you know your still alive!

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

Just how broke is it? I had a hairline fracture of the wrist once when I slipped on a wet floor and landed on my arm (yes I fainted too) and went straight back to work with my arm in a sling.

SpanishGoth dijo...

JG -> any excuse for what dude?

Pat -> it's fine really - and I have learned

Doris -> I'm not being a chicken - I can still move it but I don't want to spend 6 months in plaster

(.)(.) -> I prefer 'ecstasy' for knowing I am alive

Daphne -> just a clean fracture - nothing major