viernes, febrero 29, 2008

It Would Appear

A lovely phrase used as the beginning of a sentence that could lead anywhere - but usually, somewhere on the road to Shitsville, Arizona. 'It would appear' is simply a way of saying that I think, without knowing any of the facts at all.

Why do I mention this now? Because I've had another one of those birthday things. So what, I don't look too bad for 400 years old - the beauty of being a vampire I guess.

However, having recently had my long hair cut, "...It would appear that I look younger". Well, I hate to burst your bubble on this score, but time only moves in one direction. I am older than when I started writing this - that's the wonder known as the space/time continuum.

I suppose one could argue that 'appearance is not reality' but that does not account for uneducated people's reactions, beliefs or behaviour - and by education, I am not talking about some muppet in a jacket attempting to explain Keynesian Economics when he cannot Demand my attention as a Supply teacher.

Firstly, it's my hair and I'll do what I bloody well want with it. Secondly, it is not your place 'people' to judge me on what I do with my hair - invariably, you will be so far off the mark it beggars belief.

Por Ejemplo -

Bald Head - 'Appearance' = skinhead and prone to violence, 'Reality' = Chemotherapy, it has that effect
Long Black Hair - 'Appearance' = Santa (sic) worshiper, 'Reality' = I just fucking like it, so tough shit !

Pink Jumper
- 'Appearance' = adequate attire for the golf club, 'Reality' = self opinionated twat
Black Clothes - 'Appearance' = cross the road quickly dear, 'Reality' = emergency services, Goths and people who help

Far too often, I have been judged by what people appear to see, rather than what they would choose to learn. Yes, I can be an arsey cunt, if I choose to - but only when provoked.

In the meantime - rejoice !! I'm not old, just older.....

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SpanishGoth dijo...

Yeah - first !! Don't care that no-one comments, I'm intrigued more by who reads. Apparently, according to Clusterfucks (sorry, Clustr Maps) some dolphin has - it's the only reason for a dot in the middle of the Atlantic

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

I think you're being a bit judgmental on pink jumpers. The sartorially challenged need our sympathy too.

Anónimo dijo...

I will never carry (pull ovaire) « crotte ! Faute de frappe » pink pullover ,to like my Lucie daughter will keep me my mop of hair ,who has a malicious pleasure of to dishevel me ( Faut il laisser Lucie faire"lucifer" même si on s'attend "satan" au pire ?)

We for disavowing us as much must? NON !

Tu est donc né un 29 février comme Giacchino Rossini ? It is incredible !

All my wishes,et bien plus encore ...

john.g. dijo...

Oi, you arsey c*nt,my baldness is not down to chemo, nor being a skinhead! It' because my fucking hair's fallen out!

Jimmy dijo...

I used to have long hair but as it started falling out I had to go back to basics - bald!

Stacie dijo...

Happy Birthday Goth. I hope it was a wonderful one!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Daphne -> my blog, I'll be as judgemental as I bloody well want ;-)

Dip-Dop -> cool !! more French swear words - merci. Et mon anniversaire a ete grandiose et merci bien pour tes voeux

JG -> oi fuckwit, it's not my fault the fucking tree fell down either (and you missed an 'S' martarse)

Jimmy -> I do have hair for sale - was thinking about e-Bay but I'd have to send superglue too

Stacie -> thanks honey - as I commented to Dip-Dop, it was spectacular - I don't feel a year over 400

PI dijo...

I have experienced, over the years, occasionally being written off as a frivolous, shallow dimwit and I expect sometimes I was. But not all the bloody time!

PI dijo...

PS Happy Birthday! Pisces like me.
Baldness is also meant to be a symptom of high sexuality (John G please note.)

Sewmouse dijo...

Have to agree

So many folks figure they know all about someone from appearance...

Round & heavy body = stupid lazy gluttonous fucker, instead of perhaps any one of a large number of reasons someone may be large...

Anónimo dijo...

There is no doubt that le monde de Mr GOTH, this day could be only fantastic!

Merveilleuse PI , which hiding place baldness if it is only one lack of hair! Unless those do not push inside?
Personally my fleece is a pageantry, the hair is with the man what the lipstick is with the woman,
I am not affublé of a large nose thus I am neither wine waiter nor perfumer, I have large hands but I am not pianist, of large feet on the other hand there I am runner (with foot well enttendu!)
All do these symbols with variable connotation make the difference?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Pat -> I would never consider you to be shallow - you're far too deep ;-)

Sewmouse -> size is merely a case of perspective

Dip-Dop -> do they make a difference? only in other people's minds - not in reality

JolietJake dijo...

It's only life, it doesn't last for ever. You can cut my hair if you like, or we can just hold hands.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Jake -> What?! Again?