viernes, febrero 01, 2008

An Encyclopaedic Tale

Following on from my previous posting about the Britannica, let me introduce you to Volume 10. Garrison - Halibut. Except, with a slight difference......

Garrison Halibut patrolled the waters with the calm air of an ex-underwater cop. He'd long since resigned himself to having been kicked off the force and since starting his own marine detective agency, was quite happy to work on his own.

This latest assignment though was going to be quite different from the others he had solved, enhancing his reputation - especially with the Scales of Justice.

However, he realised after several hours that he was going to have to question one of his informants, a slippery character known as Sammy the Squid. Garrison knew that Sammy had his tentacles in many orifices - if anyone knew what might transpired in the underseaworld, Sammy 'Squealer' Squid would know.

Garrison suspected the best place to find Sammy was a small dive just off the Reef. It was a known hangout for unsavoury elements and it was no surprise, as he arrived in the murky underwater hangout, to see Sammy watching the erotic mermaid dancers.

"Hi Sammy" said Garrisson after he had drifted silently beside him.

Sammy jumped and let out a jet of liquid.

"Neptune Almighty!" exclaimed Sammy "What are you trying to do? Give me a coronary"

"I'm working a big case Sammy and I think you might have some information for me - they'll be a few thousand plankton in it for you" said Garrisson.

Garrisson Halibut started to outline what he knew so far about the case but had barely started when Sammy turned a very pale colour.

"Garrisson" said Sammy, very nervously whilst twitching several of his tentacles "You know I kinda like you but you really should stay away from this one. I've heard a few things and it's not something I'd ever want to get involved in. You know I don't swim with a shoal anymore - it's far too dangerous now".

"Come on Sammy, you know I'm afraid of no fish, crustaceans or mammals" replied Garrisson.

"This time you should be afraid - be very afraid" said Sammy pointing a few tentacles at Garrisson.

Garrisson Halibut stared intensely at Sammy The Squid and waited for him to squeal....

*To be Continued...*

6 comentarios:

Grumpy dijo...

So when are you going to introduce the romantic element into the story? I cant wait until you get the the naughty shagging bits!

Sewmouse dijo...

Please don't have him stop being a detective and start a radio show telling "folksy" stories about the people in his small Minnesota town!

Brom dijo...

"A small Dive just off the reef"


I love a fish tale.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Grumpy -> Halibuts spawn at 1500m - a bit like Sebastian Roe

Sewmouse -> I fucking hate Minnesota but, anyway, it's rather a long way from the sea

Brom -> with Sarsons I hope

john.g. dijo...

Do not mess with the 'FORCE', Hans Sole (Dover, or lemon) will find you!
Turn this into a film, and you'll be squids in!

SpanishGoth dijo...

JG -> indeed but I may have to introduce some sex - some Octopussy or something