jueves, enero 31, 2008

Jirasek Lighthouses

Sounds rather interesting doesn't it but no, it's got fuck all to do weird islands of dinosaur buildings - although I dare say there's a story in there somewhere.

It actually comes from the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and takes a little explaining.

For as many years as I dare to remember, I have wanted a copy of the EB. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I was brought up in a family that made a 'church-mouse' look rich - it was never going to happen.

Fast forward to a few months ago and as I was dragged around an antique (second-hand shit) shop, by Mariposa, I spied a very old copy of the aforementioned EB.

Suddenly, years of yearning for learning returned. Seen it - want it - can't afford it still !!

Two days later, I'm in the pub and someone who is emigrating, mentions that he is giving away all his books - including a copy of ... EB


I moved faster than a ferret up a drainpipe and now, the back of my office contains a version of the EB.

On the face of it (well, the spine really), Volume 13 streches from Jirasek to Lighthouses. Now I know what a Lighthouse is - there's families of the bastard things, but WTF is a Jirasek? That's why you need the books see.

A 'Jirasek' is a person for a start. A Czech novelist to be exact, whose last major novel was The Darkness (Temno).

Proof if ever you needed it - a dark theme, for a Goth. These books and I belong together....

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Tom dijo...

My workplace kindly subscribes to EB (the online version). No, it's not the same but I, like you, couldn't afford the bound version - or the complete OED, something I've always wanted. Now, if anyone out there is giving away a full, unabridged copy of the OED...

Well - don't ask, don't get!

john.g. dijo...

I've got a full, unabridged copy of the OED,but it's not for sale!

PI dijo...

That's a lovely story. I'm happy for you!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Tom -> bizarre how these things turn out. Waited years to buy it and then get one for free

JG -> I have the OED but that's not for sale either

Pat -> knowledge is a wonderful thing

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

Would be a great name for a band.

Stacie dijo...

I have several things that need to be explained to me. I'll make a list for you darlin' you can look it all up for me. You'll be like my own personal Gothapedia! Love it!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Daphne -> indeed, so would Jude The Obscure..... maybe

Stacie -> no problemo - if I had your e-mail addy, which I don't think I do - oh, you can send it to the SG one on the site... :)