martes, enero 08, 2008

Justice For All

There are few things worse in this world than Born Again Religious fanatics. Regulars to Goth World know that dis-organised religion, of any denomination, is one of my hates. But, these born again nutters not only take the biscuit, they take the whole fucking picnic.

As an example of the two-faced bullshit that these cancers on the arse of society produce, let me introduce you to the case of the West Memphis Three.

To summarise the case, 3 Arkansas Cub Scouts were found brutally murdered. Immediately dubbed a Satanic killing, the townsfolk started carrying bibles everywhere (not sure what the fuck that was supposed to prove but... each to their own). A Born Again Dichead (sorry, christian) at the crime scene, was asked if he had any clues as to who might have done it. He immediately pointed the finger at one local 18-year old youth who, Dickhead claimed, was a Satanist.

What led him to this conclusion?

"Well he wears a black leather coat and listens to 'devils music' like Pink Floyd and Metallica"

Well, there's a slam dunk for you. Also means I'm somewhat fucked and therefore must be a Satanist too - which is complete bullshit as it is just another form of organised religion.

So what did the police do? Stopped investigating, arrested the kid and his two pals and promptly tried them using a combination of made-up statements that were paid for, and illegal questioning techniques. Hoo-fucking-ray for Justice then.

End result - convictions and the kid ends up on Death Row. No evidence.... don't need that. No witnesses... humbug - not required.

All of this because of some jumped-up religious Nazi who doesn't like Metallica. Guess what mother fucker? I don't like Kumbaya - doesn't mean I'm going to come around to your house and nail you to a bloody tree.

With any luck, the Appeal Court will actually take the time to listen to Metallica.

I suggest starting with Justice For All

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PI dijo...

I've always thought the Bible Belt sounded terrifying.

john.g. dijo...

Religion is the mother of ALL evils!

Mr Farty dijo...

Does this mean I have to burn all my Pink Floyd records?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Pat -> anything related to the bible is terrifying

JG -> absofuckinglutely

Mr Farty -> I wouldn't - unless you're a teacher or something

You Sick Bastard dijo...

That's why I think if Huckabee becomes president then the entire nation will become one giant Bible Belt buckle. Then they'll cancel Mardi Gras and I'd have to flee the country.

( . )( . ) dijo...

Religion makes me angry.... and I freakin love Pink Floyd, nothing wrong with Roger Waters, since when was his music satanic? What a bunch of mental hicks.

Ariel dijo...

Uh?! Don't quite see the benefits of carryng a Bible around myself unless one is extremely short [you can sit on it and gain a few inches] or maybe as a weapon [bash anyone over the head with it and they'll be out for the count]. This is scary - there are other very religious countries which are not as dysfunctional, so what is it about US nuttiness that makes it so freakin' dangerous I wonder? Have they got something special in the water supply out there?

Anónimo dijo...

Funny how they always point the finger at the ones who stand out from the crowd. Teenagers are terrible at expressing their individuality and tend to do it via music/dress. I actually can't recall how many murders/rapes have been committed in the name of metal or Satanism (none that was true and not media hype, anyway).

It often turns out the real murderers were God-fearing Christians who had been told by God in a dream to do it (or similar) - which obviously makes it OK.

SpanishGoth dijo...

YSB -> Jeez - and I thought Bush was a nutter - ha ha, you'll have to go to church and everything

(.)(.) -> I'm with you on the religion one and I've been tracing back through Pink Floyd to find satanic messages - there aren't any

Ariel -> the only reason I would carry one is in case I ran out of toilet paper

Tom -> I don't know if you've seen Bowling for Columbine? Perfect example. Marilyn Manson gets blamed but is sane and lucid - Charlton Heston (president of the NRA) says that's why everyone needs guns..... go figure