miércoles, enero 23, 2008

The Prodigal Son

So, according to 'The Burble', JC and his Sunshine Gang used to go around telling tales with a meaning to them. One of such Parables was that of The Prodigal Son....

The Parable

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away - well, ok it was in the Middle East - some bloke has 2 sprogs. He explains that he will divide his inheritance equally between the two. However, the younger one is a bit of a Paris Hilton and demands the money right there and then - as they hadn't invented credit cards yet.

As soon as he has got the money, the biblical Paris fucks off and spends the lot on Wine, Women and Song (which seems fair enough to me). Eventually though, he has spent all the money and has to get a job looking after pigs - kind of a forerunner to working in McDonalds.

Pretty soon, he's sick of it and goes back home to daddy pleading for mercy and apologising for being a complete arse.

His father instructs the older brother to go out and kill a cow. The older brother is well pissed off about this and starts to complain but the father says "Just do as I ask and you'll understand".

Later, the three sit down and the father explains that all he possesses belong to the older son now "But" he says "Look what we have got to celebrate the fact that you have returned to us".

The father uncovers the plate and the older son starts to laugh.

"Not another fucking kebab!!!" says the younger brother "That's is so NOT fucking funny"

What did JC mean by this?

Who gives a shit really?! Don't spend all your money else all you will get is kebabs? Maybe?! - it seems hazily familiar when I didn't have enough for a taxi home too.

But they didn't have taxis back then, they rode asses - and my ass is exit-only.

Confusing? Welcome to 'The Burble'

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panu dijo...

ah made no sense. Liked it. hey. just came by and looked around. hope you dont mind.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Panu -> why would I mind? Feel free to say what you want - that is Goth World :)

Anónimo dijo...

Does this mean Paris Hilton is going to have to slaughter a cow sometime soon? I bet the TV execs are already planning a reality show around that. They could call it "Spoiled Cow".

john.g. dijo...

Paris Hilton to slaughter a cow? That would be suicide!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Tom -> I'd volunteer to assist - in killing Paris that is

JG -> well, cow crossed with a pig