jueves, enero 17, 2008

Collect This

I'm not sure what possesses people to collect things - it's not an obsession I've really fallen into. My uncles had diverse collecting habits - one a philatelist, one a lepidopterist.

For those who don't know a 'Philatelist' is a person who collects stamps. What's the bloody point? You can buy them at the Post Office and they're a damn sight cheaper. But, these stamp collectors wander around the world searching for stamps - that, by definition, are supposed to arrive at your house attached to letters or postcards. How's that for a bloody pointless hobby.

A 'Lepidopterist' is a person who collects Moths and Butterflies. Why would you want to do that? Again, I see no point. There you have some middle aged man prancing around fields and woods, waving his net like a deranged windmill. For what purpose? Apparently to catch some small insect and force a nail through it's abdomen to pin it to a board. My uncle even had a special display cabinet for the purpose.

But, they're not the only ones. Some have even had words created to group together these weirdos. Here are a few random selections:-

  • Copoclephile - A collector of key-rings.(why? You need one keyring for all your keys)
  • Oologist - Expert in or collector of bird's eggs.(go to the supermarket - they sell them in boxes)
  • Phillumenist - Collector of matches, matchboxes, and books of matches.(which I presume leads to arson?)
  • Tegestologist - Collector of beermats.(you sad bastards - just drink the beer!)

Then again, I had a friend who spent years collecting all the 'fluff' that appeared in his navel (belly-button) - whilst impressive by it's size and general fluffiness, I was never sure who it was supposed to impress (shit didn't work with prospective girlfriends for sure).

I assume that people have these obsessions for a reason? Maybe you can enlighten me with reasons for collecting??....

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The Aunt dijo...

Collecting is a search for certainty in an uncertain, frightening world. Pinning stuff down, arranging it and labelling it provides the collector with the illusion that he (generally he) has some sort of control over his life.

Hence the Victorians' approach to the Empire, especially the later bits they got lumped with accidentally, and the genesis of the British Museum.

Anónimo dijo...

I collect cables. Well, I say collect - more like "hoard", I suppose. For every bit of computer/electrical kit I've ever owned, I have kept the cables.

Mme Joad is fascinated as to why, but I can't tell her. I fear that one day I'll chuck one out and find a use for it the day after.

I don't categorize them by type, length, colour or anything, I throw them into a drawer.

I don't know if that makes me a collector or just someone who is too bone idle to throw stuff away.

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

My apartment collects dust.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Aunty -> Goth World isn't frightening. As for the Victorians - no wonder they were miserable bastards with that sour-faced wench at the helm

Tom -> I have a couple of boxes full of cables, rats etc - I think it's an IT thing

Daphne -> you should put your friendly hobbits to work with a duster or two

PI dijo...

I too don't see the point. Once I collected little jugs and then every single person in the whole world would give me a little jug they had just brought back from where ever just for me and I got really sick of them and have collected nothing since.

M dijo...

We collect stuff to preserve the memories or as keepsake or it may be of significance!

Anónimo dijo...

Numismat or more exactly billetophilist, preferably for the large banknotes, but it is not easy!!!

And poutant there is full the bank of it!

All my wishes to sir Goth

Grumpy Old Git dijo...

So this person who collects belly-button fluff, what's he do with it? Is he hoping to collect enough to knit a shroud for when he pegs it?

Me? I collect money! Please send me all the unused money that you have,so that I can categorise it into my bank account!

kimmyk dijo...

ew @ your friend goth. ick.

the only thing i have a collection of are pens from drug companies.

can't think of anything else.

oh empty wine bottles. i have some of them.


SpanishGoth dijo...

Pat -> but you can't beat a woman with nice jugs ;-)

M -> maybe, but what is the significance of navel fluff?

Dip-dop -> it's not the collecting money, it's the keeping it bit that's hard

GOG -> buggered if I know - probably planning to sell it to hamsters I think

Kimmy -> full wine bottles - cool, empty ones? boo hiss

MotörheadBlögger dijo...

out of interest Expat Goth, may I enquire as to where the navel fluff stored?
In a jar or a pillow case perhaps!?

SpanishGoth dijo...

MotörheadBlögger -> Welcome - in answer to your question, it started out in a small box, then due to size into a carrier bag

gddik dijo...

You want navel fluff?

Have a look at this dude's collection:


He needs help...

gddik dijo...

Oh - by the way - the same freak keeps his beard trimmings as well.

I wonder what else he keeps? Nail clippings perhaps.

Well - he is Australian. Answers a lot of questions...

SpanishGoth dijo...

gddik -> yikes - I'd hate to see his pile of poo