domingo, junio 15, 2008

Twatting Posh People

I so enjoyed my litle Gothic adventure into the land of 'weirdos with more money than sense' that I intend to go back for some more.

Last time, I tried to be somewhat polite which was a mistake - I think - in retrospect.

I was reprimanded for wearing jeans. It was somewhat negligent of me as I didn't know you had to dress like a cunt.

I was aware that dressing like 'Huggy Bear from Starsky and Hutch' was cool but, I didn't realise they were inter-bred retards with the intelligence of prawns.

I wanted to comment but, being 'nice' and in the company of a beautiful lady, I tastefully swallowed their bullshit and followed the ethos.


Today, will be a testament to damage limitation. I will return to 'in-bred fest' wearing jeans, and my somewhat prophetic Marilyn Manson shirt which proclaims


Headline - "Mad Goth with bats - twats lots of stupid people"

Don't you just love golf?

13 comentarios:

zoe dijo...

I'm glad you were pissed in your last post - you made me laugh again.

john.g. dijo...


Princess of the Universe dijo...

Oh good - you didn't mean it!
Cause I searched high and low for your email address, and couldn't find it to check in!!
Bad Princess.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Zoe -> pissed? Moi? Suerly not

JG -> ditto twat face ;-)

Princess -> which part didn't I mean? I couldn't have read your mail anyway - far too busy twatting the fuck out of anything that moved (or didn't move fast enough)

Mr Farty dijo...

Thank fuck you're back.

But golf??? FFS!

PI dijo...

what was the name of that opera singer who spent the latter part of her life doing farewell tours?

Brom dijo...

Golf?.. well if anyone's got the balls, you have.

I ignored the last post.. wasn't a bit worried, not for a minute, not once, well maybe for a bit, actually for quite a while, I cried myself to sleep, it was horrendous.


Honey dijo...

poor brom, i can imagine him mucho upseto, I'm glad you are back though really the whole goodbye party presents etc will have to be cancelled.. shame really

( . )( . ) dijo...

Hmmmm, I go away for a few months and come back to all sorts of changes. Golf hey? Are you on drugs?

Elaine dijo...

Golf! That explains everything. Wear your jeans. Those people need some new blood., I don't mean that literally, you know.

Ani Smith dijo...

So wait. Does this mean you're not giving up blogging? ;)

SpanishGoth dijo...

Mr Farty -> Letting a Goth loose with iron sticks can be quite amusing I am assured

Pat -> Madame Lard-Arse? Apparently she comes on at the end

Brom -> funny you should mention balls - I managed to fine luminescent pink ones especially to annoy the rascals

Honey -> the shame of not having a party or the shame that Goth is not going away?

(.)(.) -> drugs? moi? nah. Purely sex, vodka and rock for me

Elaine -> If I had really twatted them, you would have read about it on the news. I don't do iffeminate slaps on the cheeks

Ani -> not yet my little Padowan

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

One of life's simple dictums: if you don't like posh people, don't try to join a golf club. Now I know where you hail from, may I suggest darts or dominos might be more your game?

Salt of the earth.