sábado, diciembre 09, 2006

Any Weirder?

Ok. Things, life, situations cannot get any stranger. Well, they could but I would have to inhale a large amount of drugs to get to that point. My children love me (it's their job - even when I'm a complete twat), women like me on an ethereal plane, men love to tell me their inner secrets. Things are coming together - like a little animal orgy (just think of those little hamsters in stockings and suspenders).....Oh, the joys of being Goth.

No wonder that I'm as fu*ked up as I am. I always worry about everyone but me.

Anyway, I have strayed from the path of good once more (well, the path was a little bit fragile to start with) - friggy diggy!!

I have returned to the country I spurned and it welcomed me with mayonnaise covered, outstretched arms.

For Goth's sake, can I do nothing right?

Once, it would be nice to just....... be.

Looking on the bright side - oh shite, there isn't one. After Eight mints are my only distraction - sad but true.

4am, wide awake when I should be asleep. Gaaaaarrgh. (when I wrote this, not when I posted it - I can get pissed with the 'best of them' but haven't figured out the time travel thing yet)

As for you that thought that I couldn't post when I was busy....ha ha, just a time of the month thing!! Grew hair and had to howl at the moon so it was a little difficult typing but I'm back to sub-normality now.

a luego,

ps if it's your connection I'm using - tough - get the encryption sorted you muppet

4 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Is howling at the moon a must-thing for you Goth god?

MKWM dijo...

Weirder, Master?

Try After Eight mints dipped in mayonnaise.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Howling is not required but it does make your sexual partner feel good - unless you are howling before they touch you - in which case, they feel bad.

Minky -> will not dip my After Eights in anything thankyou. Except, if I wasn't a virgin, may be tempted to dip them in the tunnel of love ;-)

MKWM dijo...

As if being Goth wasn't good enough, you have to be a virgin as well?!