domingo, diciembre 17, 2006

Boll fooking Uks

So now I am really angry. The cheeky twit has cottoned on to the fact that I've been surfing his Wifi for free and now I have no free internet connection. I know I was 'extracting the urine' using it, downloading the latest version of Linux complete with free penguins but that's not the point.

Now I have to move my arse outside gaaaaaarrrgh. Probably have to go to one of those T'internet Cafes. Hateful. Full of African people shouting down the phone like it is going to travel further "HELLO - I'M IN BELGIUM - CAN YOU HEAR ME?" - yes I can fooking hear you and if you don't shut up I'm going to kill you and your pet monkey!!!!!

I suppose I could invest in Twittycom but I don't want to. What if I had to call their helpdesk for some bizzarre reason, like actually needing help?

Pour continuer en francais apppuyer sur un
Por Nederlands twee
For English - hold the line, listen to some well dodgy music and when we do answer your call we'll still speak to you in French (ha, teach you to live abroad you son of a raspberry!)

I suppose I could go the Grand Place in The Sprout - use the free T'internet connection available there. Twittycom have been kind enough to furnish a list of places that they call 'hot-spots'. Really cool if you log in via the 19216811 (with dots in appropriate places) as you come on line as the Administrator of the network. Ha ha - change stuff and run away in a slow motion, wavy fashion.

Listening to Led Zeppelin at the moment - jeez, you must have really got your moneys worth if you went to one of their gigs. Each song seems to last for an hour. Complete opposite of The Ramones - 120 seconds of fury/angst delivered at high speed. Hooray, music has changed to Rage Against The Machine. "that's how you got a bullet blasting through your head! Just victims of the in-house drive by - they say jump, you say how high.........."

So, today I get to watch Man Utd v West Am. Normally the result is not a tough decision, but tomorrow my Santa's Little Helper who is an Ammer is bringing me toys (techie stuff) back from the yUK - if his team get 'hammered' I may not get my cool toys :-(( Where's Cantona when you need him? He could karate kick all the fans, without breaking my new toys, and everyone would be 'appy. I'm forever blowing bubbles - just like Michael Jackson.

Interesting news - I'm pregnant.........not really, just checking you were reading fully. Bit stuffed on that score being womb-less. I suppose if I lost my virginity I could create - being a Goth and all, but then I don't have those lovely wobbly bits to feed created Goth-lit. Have to sit down and ponder creating a Miss Goth. Eek, gives me an idea for a TV gameshow.....the perfect Miss Goth. Will spend the rest of the day pondering and unload this insane drivel tomorrow.

a luego,

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MKWM dijo...

Master, what would you need a womb for? Just rip one of your ribs, and Goth created woman.

Drama Queen dijo...

We also 'borrow' our internet connection - I say borrow because I believe that if they fail to secure it then technically they are just invited you in. You'd think they'd notice, what with all the limeware we are running and the fact that we use skype to phone th UK but no. . .they've prob been on hold to one of your aforementioned call centres wondering why their t'internet connection is so slow. . .

Anónimo dijo...

No free Internet connection? That sucks.