miércoles, diciembre 27, 2006

What Difference Does It Make?

And so the dark side of Goth World. The depression, always brought on by one of two factors. Women or money. Combined - fooking lethal.

I could never, at the time, understand Morrisey and his whingeing 'so what difference does it ma-ee-uk'. Now I get it. Whatever I do is never enough. So, jump on the bandwagon. Blame me for everything shit in the world. Fookin hell - Vietnam, I'll take the rap even though I wasn't born. I should create an advertising campaign "Something shit happen? It's ok I'll take the blame!"

Just because some useless twat in Mayo-land didn't do what they said they would, my bank account looks like a starving child in Africa (without the flies of course). And you....fookin crap bus driver, you're going to hang alongside me. YOU MADE ME MISS THE PLANE and thus spend more money I don't have.

As for the agency message when I tried to call to find out where the fook my money was "sorry, our offices are closed until 2 January, Merry Christmas etc" - tough shit. Take an extended vacation because I am there on the 1st and trust me, there will be nothing of the office left but dust.

Firestarter Turbo.

The little book of calm burns quite well - especially with the added incentive of petrol !!

I feel this overwhelming desire to STAMP on something small, cute & furry.

Think positive.......ok. Alcohol is more effective if you have no food. Think about that agency boy. Might want to bear it in mind when I send the killer hamsters up your rectum.

I haven't felt this angry since I found out my ex-wife wasn't sleeping with someone else. For fooks sake woman....move on! Are you that chuffing ugly? Shite, perhaps I was drugged. Maybe I am as truly 'mad as a bicycle'.

I need to punch someone - ow, that hurt! Unfortunately in Goth World you can only damage yourself.

Where's that bottle of Jack Daniels? I need to dive to the bottom.

Ha........found it. Back to normality.

a luego,

2 comentarios:

HillCountryGal dijo...

OMG!!! You ALWAYS make me laugh!! I'm sorry for your pain, I am, but the way you describe it, I'm just over here on the floor...BTW, I think that would be an EXCELLENT ad campaign. I'll sign up.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Coolski but, conditions of signing up to "S takes the shit".

1) you buy the beer when I eventually wobble my way to the US

fook it. That's the list.

Apart from the:-

- tell your friends
- make my blog really popular
- give me loads of money
- sell me your daughter

and finally, if we wake up in the same bed naked in the morning, don't apologise - will probably be one of my "great" ideas ;-)