domingo, diciembre 31, 2006

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

"The time has come, the Walrus said..." Well, now my time has come, 2006 is nearly at an end. I have to prepare myself for tomorrows trek back to Bruxelles, via Madrid. There are only a certain number of items I can take with me and, unfortunately, Eloise - my guitar - is not one of them. I don't want to chance losing her or getting her damaged by some lunatic baggage handler at any of the three airports I have to pass through.

To elucidate - since I found out that things were 'going south' between my parents, I immersed myself in music. Initially, just listening to it and then becoming more involved. Learning to play guitar, to write songs, to join a band and perform in front of thousands of people. I always had one favourite guitar. After my son was conceived I gave up music and got a "proper" job but bought Eloise as a compensation for losing one dream but gaining a better one (followed by two - my daughter).

Since then, wherever I have moved (more specifically a place I call home), Eloise comes with me. She is here with me now in Spain but I cannot take the chance that she may be damaged. Also, I'm not sure that the new place is yet home. She will have to stay here with the 'guitar-minder' until I figure out the future. I will shed a tear when I have to leave her but as life is constantly shifting, I could be back here sooner than anticipated.

I don't play as much as I would like anymore - time spent with puters seems to rule my life. I wish I could but then again I wish a lot of things. Most importantly, I wish I could see my children more. Alas, not to be.

I wish all of you a very Happy New Year and hope to greet as many of you personally as I can manage (assuming any of you want to greet me). Shit. Didn't think of that. If you don't, just pretend I'm invisible. It's ok, I was married so I'm used to it.

In the meantime, get pissed, stay sober or do whatever suits your fancy. I wish you all the best Gothic wishes for the New Year and may all your dreams come true (apart from the one about crucifying ex-partners, or squidging small furry animals, or that dodgy one involving cocunuts)....hmmm, maybe I should have a 'whip-around' and see a therapist?! Not sure how far 1 Euro would get me though.

a luego y Feliz Ano Nuevo,

besos -> Little Goth
besos -> Little Gothess
besos -> mi madre
grand besos -> Mi Mariposa

5 comentarios:

MKWM dijo...

Reading about pretending a wife/husband is invisible reminded me of a lot of situations I once lived; sadly enough, one does indeed get used to it...

Feliz Ano Nuevo, Master. All the best for you too and may all your dreams come true.

SpanishGoth dijo...

I apologise my favourite concubine. When I write/talk or even just elucidate my ruminations, I tend toward images from my soul.

I wish you nothing but happiness in the forthcoming years and hope your dreams for peace become true.

Feliz A.N. y grand besos

ps ice in the JD - Hell has been a bit on the warm side ;-)

MKWM dijo...

Muchas gracias, Master, for the link and lovely wishes.

Refreshment will definitely be provided as I imagine Heaven can become a bit on the warm side as well ;-)

HillCountryGal dijo...

I will mourn for Eloise. Surely for her, a day without Goth is a day without music. Wouldn't it be great if 2007 became The Year of Peace? In the meantime, try to stay warm and just keep on blogging. Some of us are hooked on the Goth rants.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Love nothing more than for 2007 to be the year of peace. Can yo assasinate a president with a guitar? Just curious.

I will stay warm thankyou - slightest hint of cold and the long leather coat of Goth comes along. Bought her many years ago and she has kept me warm through many tricky situations.