domingo, diciembre 24, 2006

Homeless Christmas Party

These things only happen in Goth Land. As I was talking to my little homeless friend Leo this morning it occurred to me that they never have a Christmas party. Everyone goes to some Christmas party - unless you're homeless. Where would you have it? "Oh, the bus shelter looks good this year folks". Who would you invite?

So, having shared a coffee I went away to contemplate this. Needless to say, my freaky Gothic mind came up with a solution. Merrily to the supermarket I did go thinking ahead of how I was going to a) give Leo and his lovely dog Bo a day to remember and b) freak out most of the population of the city.

Suitably kitted out in my best Gothic gear, and with considerable supplies, I returned.
  • Bag full of clothes I would never use
  • Bottle of cheap champagne
  • Plastic glasses
  • Assorted snacks and chocolates
  • Chewy smelly dog type things for Bo
At first I thought he was weeping from happiness but then I realised how demeaning I must have appeared. Complete twat. I hadn't given a thought to what HE actually wanted. Bo, however was over the moon. After a discussion he (Leo, not Bo who by this time was licking his balls) understood that what I had done was with the best of intentions. We shared a drink, a laugh and I promised to take him for a coffee at a suitable terrace of his choice before my return to the Sprout in the New Year.

Not quite in the Bob Geldof arena yet but 'poco a poco' -> Spanish for 'baby steps'.

In Goth World this is what Christmas is about. Make someone happy instead of rewarding yourself with all the worldly goods you can attain. Not that I plan on giving away my puters and stuff, but, one by one we can all make a difference if we choose to.

As John Lennon would have said, on predictive text messaging "ndkj vnfdx k nbdxz". (Give peace a chance)

a luego,

3 comentarios:

MKWM dijo...

Homeless? Not really, there is always the house of God, that's what churches are meant for.

I see you are well aware of the true meaning of Xmas and I rejoyce. You are a true Goth then :-)

SpanishGoth dijo...

Actually, there is also the house of cash. Most of the cash machines here are located in little lobbies that you are supposed to swipe your cash card to access. A lot of homeless peeps here use them to sleep in.

Not what the banks intended but perfectly fine in my books.

As for the true meaning of Christmas - I think you'll find my actions better described as the true meaning of humanity?!

grand besos

MKWM dijo...

Only few people understand that the true meaning of Xmas and the true meaning of humanity are the same, Master.

Sleeping in the house of cash, good idea and perfectly fine in my own books.

Grand besos to you too.