domingo, diciembre 17, 2006

Arsey Mood

Too angry to post this yesterday so you'll have to pretend your in a time warp and Sunday in Spain lasts twice as long as any other day *wavy arms oooooo*

Unfortunately, I woke up in a nasty mood - the sort that you don't want to be in the vicinity of. Fortunately, mi mariposa is used to my mood swings - chooses to ignore me until I have calmed down.

We went for lunch, which turned out to be an all-day session. Across the table were 2 children but I couldn't figure out why they attracted my attention. After a while, baby bear said, or rather, asked me "Are you a bad person?" - without waiting for an answer, he continued "Do you steal things from people?". Ok - little freak meets Goth Freak. "I the past" I responded truthfully. "Oh, that's ok then" he replied and continued pulling his ham sandwich into little pieces.

All the time that this conversation was occurring, his big sister was shooting daggers at me (metaphorically, not in real life). Eventually I entered into a conversation with the two 'wee-ones' and their father. "So, it must be tricky dealing with Autism?" I ventured avoiding the obvious 'isn't it a nice day' thing.

"How did you know?" asked Daddy Bear. Suitably non-plused, baby bear came around the table to ask why I was talking to Daddy bear without permission. I lifted up my jumper to show him the Man Utd shirt I was wearing for the game later, he stroked it carefully and then asked "where's your name?". Deciding not to swear in earshot of baby bears I thought, rather than vocalised "Fooked if I Know". Return to ham sandwich demolition.

I know children - I behave like one enough of the time!

I signalled to baby bear that he should come and talk to me again. "What have you asked Father Christmas for?" - "ssshh" he replied, "not allowed to tell". After which he told me exactly what Mommy Bear had on her shopping list. So, I decided to raise the bar - make things a little more difficult for Santa's little helpers. I have no idea where you would buy this particular toy in Belgium (or anywhere else for that matter). Not my problem, I just created it ;-)

So, having turned my attention to Babe-ess Bear I uncovered some startling information. Schools here are just as crap as the yUK. At least she speaks French....not so sure that's a positive point.

Anyway, they left - not before baby bear shouting out (and making peeps jump and drop coffee cups etc) "BYE S....SEE YOU NEXT TIME"

Now, I am totally drained but have to go and watch football. I don't have to....I choose to.



addendum - football shite but my new best little mate was there. He turned to daddy bear and said "Told you S would be there". He was correct - I was but, I did make a promise to the little rascal.

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MKWM dijo...

*waving back ouhou*

Well, I know children too (no, I do not behave like one) and the new best little mate you are describing seems absolutely 'normal' to me, he sure acts like any child would... Oh, the joy of pure innocence!

Drama Queen dijo...

Cheer Up Goth Boy - The Sprout ain't so bad. . .get yourself some rest, all this partying is making you grumpy. Also consider the strain on your body moving back here has caused. What you are doing for Xmas - do you get to see the Junior Goths, the little fruits of your loin?

Anónimo dijo...

Hey, little kids like Goth, too!

SpanishGoth dijo...

No - me no see little Goths at Christmas I'm afraid. Would love to but not to be.

I will be flying back to Spain on Friday morning.

The Sprout is bloomin cold at the moment and I am looking forward to seeing that big yellow thing in the sky again. White Christmas my arse - give me the sun anyday.

Thannks for caring though ladies.

MKWM dijo...

Who doesn't need a proper vitamin D intake? Give me the sun everyday!

Buen viaje, Master.

Drama Queen dijo...

Ah that's a shame about not seeing the kids but hopefully the sun will make you smile.

If we don't speak before, Merry Xmas and all that jazz. . .

Of course, here come the kisses. . .XXX

SpanishGoth dijo...

Kisses accepted and carefully placed ;-)

No point in being a Goth if you can't direct attention to appropriate places

grand gothic bisous