domingo, diciembre 10, 2006

Weak End

Thus Goth rested. Not entirely true - there was the Madchester derby football match to attend but other than that - no agenda. Have successfully avoided churchy type things on a Sunday for zillions of years so no change there then.

Trying to get used to this new keyboard layout is a pain in the rectum - why can't all keyboards be the same? Why do I have to hold down the <.shift> key to get a number? This could be so confusing. What if I lose my virginity, meet a girl and take her to bed? Will she understand that <.shift> 69 is a position or will she just hear the <.shift> and assume I meant go away? Boo hiss!! No pie for Goth boy.

Stopped raining in Mayo-land which is nice. Robert Smith and his tears for chuffing rain. Stop it!! It's not big and it's not clever. I'm used to Spain and I don't live on a plain. Sun, very un-goth like I know but strangely comforting even when I am avoiding it.

Met some interesting peeps this week.

The train conductor who thought I didn't have a ticket (quite correct actually) but fortunately for me, I was able to explain that as one of the <.shift> 4400 (kidnapped by aliens etc) they probably kept my ticket as a souvenir. Suitably freaked out he left me alone.

The taxi driver (in Mayo-land) who speaks no English or French but for some bizarre reason, does speak Spanish (hooray). Got exactly where I wanted to for only <.shift> 6 Euros.

The trainer whose grasp of English is hazy at best. Delivered her speech in French with an African accent then I had to laugh (out loud) at the description of getting help through "First Aids" - mettez un preservatif! (and stop bonking the monkeys)

The waitress who was transfixed by my hair being plaited - don't care, I just buffet on the winds of fashion. Still got served first so who cares?!

The neighbour who thinks that making noise is clever. Been polite, been discreet - now cometh Brother Manson at maximum volume for the dark hours. "Oh, did I wake you up? Try reading the Little Book of Calm and relax - or else DIE". Wouldn't mind if she was cute but she looks like a pig on stilts. Not that I'm being bitchy but she does look like she was breast-fed through a straw.

The barman - serving me drinks and a little bit freaked when I spoke to him in Spanish. He speaks Spanish but figured I couldn't - DOH. In Rome, do as the Romans do. Not really sure what that means except you should build really straight roads, invent central heating and feed lions with religious zealots. "I'm Brian", "I'm Brian.... and my wife is too!!"

a luego,

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MKWM dijo...

Different languages, most frequently used letters vary, hence different keyboards.

Are you good at blind typing, Master? LXIX is an alternative but you still need the shift key...

SpanishGoth dijo...

Tits! The qwerty layout was invented in <.shift>1868 - surely it must have invaded Europe by now.

Every UK person knows that the world speaks English. If they don't you just repeat the phrase "do you speak english?" louder until they cave in.

MKWM dijo...

The world does indeed speak English, that's why I couldn't be bothered to learn Esperanto.

As for the Universal Keyboard, here is
El mito del teclado QWERTY

Drama Queen dijo...

Welcome back. . .I think!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Weirdsville - now Drama Queen has gone Descartes. I think therefore I am.

Next time you welcome me back, blow a little kiss in my direction please *smiles affectionately*

Drama Queen dijo...

No offence meant, I wondered if Brussels was welcoming to you? Hope so. . .*kisses accelerating in your direction with the help of a little, gentle blow*.

HillCountryGal dijo...

No central heating? Bummer. You should visit my lunacy blog.

Melissa dijo...

I, too, surprise people when I speak fluent Spanish at the most unexpected the grocery store, at restaurants, at the place where I take the car to get the oil changed.

"Your Spanish if flawless!" they say. "Where did you learn?"

"I fell in love with a Mexican," I tell them. "He taught me."

SpanishGoth dijo...

Si, The Sprout welcomed me

Not sure about the 'gentle blow' - sounds a bit saucy to me, enjoyed the kisses though

Don't do bumming - far too American for me

Don't speak fluent Spanish - pero, cuando lo decido lo hago :-)


Drama Queen dijo...

I can assure you the innuendo was totally deliberate ;-)

SpanishGoth dijo...

Yikes - love in an elevator coming up when you're going down.....

Now I am suitably intrigued

Tippler dijo...

Think you're putting Descartes before the horse there, Goth

mkwm dijo...

Master, think you're never too old for some intrigue but way too old for the go-cart.

HillCountryGal dijo...

I love plaited hair. When I vacationed in St. Thomas, I saw a dude with dreds to his ANKLES. It was MAGNIFICENT!!!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Wasn't me that mentioned 'go-carts' - El T-Meister started that.

As for plaitted hair - it's not down to my ankles yet but is halfway down my back.

Hate the frizzy bit when I untie it to wash it though :-(

And, unlike most "afro" hairdo's mine is clean, shiny and conditioned.