lunes, enero 01, 2007

New Years Day

What the fook is wrong with people? Why do they want to destroy rather than create?

All I want is for everyone to be that so fookin difficult?

Apparently so. Can't even talk to my mini-goths on New Years Eve because their mother is as mad as a bag of snakes. Can't enjoy the fireworks at midnight because it might scare the little birdies. Can't drink too much as I might die. CANTS!!!!!!!!!!!

New Years Resolution - don't give a fook about anyone. I try this one every year but then my heart bleeds and I fail. Looking on the bright side (yeah, yeah, I know there isn't one, I'm repeating myself). Manic depressives are far more likely to commit suicide but I'm not ready to jump off the bridge of sighs just yet.

Think positive.

Think Kama Sutra.

DOH..need a partner for that.

I wouldn't mind so much if I was a bad person - I'm not. I don't/didn't do evil things, well, apart from the picking on weirdos thing but, I undid that by being nice for years. Anyway, the weirdos deserved it. That taught them - fookin teachers!

OK - New Years resolutions:-

Get fit, take up jogging (like when have you ever seen a happy jogger?)
Quit smoking (and join the whingeing mother fookers club?)
Save whales (can't do that as I'm not a goalkeeper)

Boll fookin uks - I don't want any resolutions. I just want to live life. I've only got one chance at it. If you want to be miserable, fook off and do it on your own time. Not interested, don't want to play anymore etc.

Other than that, Feliz Ano Nuevo a todos,

ps rant over with now *pants* thankyou world.

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MKWM dijo...

Master, just get your lovely mini-Goths a mobile. I solved the same problem that way - this also means paying rather huge phonebills but I'm sure you'll agree with me, "they're worth it".

No matter how often I think Kama Sutra, I realise I need a partner for that so I also keep repeating myself, saying THIS Year MIGHT be on the brighter side. You see, Master, I keep thinking positive and that's what is keeping me from jumping off the bridge of sighs...

New Year 2007 started beautifully: the fireworks in Brussels were fantastic - first time I ever watched them closely, it was about time.

Drama Queen dijo...

Happy New Year. . .

Something to look forward to reason number 1:

Maybe this year we'll meet!


HillCountryGal dijo...

Resolutions are shit. Meant to be broken. Utter waste of time & energy. It would be cool if you & the mini-Goths could have a computer with a camera mounted on it so you could chat real time? Any chance their batshit crazy mother would allow that?
Happy, happy 2007. May we drink ourselves into oblivion, smoke (whatever your preference) until we pass out, and Kama Sutra as much as possible. Now those, my friends, are resolutions worth striving for.
BTW, I'm gonna work on that poem today. You are gonna laugh. This one here is DEFINITELY not a poet.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Sorry - tried the mobile thing and it didn't work. They have been somewhat brainwashed into thinking I am the antichrist.

DQ -> I'm positive we will meet somehow ;-)

HCG -> so the poem may arrive at last eh? Coolski. Like the "batshit crazy" description :-))