jueves, enero 04, 2007

Freaksville, Arizona

And so, having been invited to spend the day with a beautiful friend and an ex-colleague of mine (who I have fantasized about - many times, the one that never went away, but... she started this - so no blame on the Gothic one thankyou) I jumped on the Metro in order to catch the train.

Welcome to Freaksville - otherwise known as 'Gaargh Centraal - Bruxelles'. Seriously, you could only collect the same number of freaks in one location if you had a 'stupid-scooper'. I had to go there to catch the train to my chosen destination but, Goth, if I could avoid it!!!! FULL of muppets and weirdos even before I arrived. Having purchased my tickets but, also having 45 minutes to wait, I escaped from Freaksville. Found a jaunty little bar down the road that gave me free cheese (right pocket) and assorted peanuts (left pocket) as well as the beer thing that I had ordered.

Eventually, after jumping on the train with another beer (passport for Goths) I had one of those 'ooooo moments' - what if I'd jumped on the wrong train? Great!! Another tour of a country for all the wrong reasons. But no, when the fascist, sorry, I mean attendant, came to check my ticket it was ok. Cool - I was on the right train and my lovely friend was waiting for me at the station (after she'd figured out that time goes in 1 direction - unless you know different?! V :p).

Having landed at her home and being offered food (which I declined), beer (accepted, obv) I was able to explain a number of things. The main one was that yes, I have fantasized about certain naked gymnastics with her, and a colleague of hers. She started it!!! - fantasizing about me naked and telling all of her female colleagues!! Walking into work the next day, I couldn't figure out why none of the girls could look me in the face. Found out later and it made me smile (very un-Goth like I know) but bizarrely flatterring.

So then, having reminisced and kids DVD'd up (i.e. they finished watching Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe) we went bowling. Go figure?! Funny as fook though. Kids couldn't figure out if I was trying to be new dad or just wanted to 'bonk' mother. Neither, space cadets, just making a shit time seem better for a friend of mine. I get to go bowling, teach people how to bowl, play pool and generally have a fab and groovy time. Also got to prove a point....there was a really annoying Miss Piggy character about 20 feet from the pool table. I asked the kids if I could take the first shot and they laughed heartily when the white ball shot off the table and hit "miss piggy" straight in the stomach - I had miscalculated slightly. I was aiming for her ****. Still, not bad for a 20 foot hit with a cue I hadn't used before ;-)

Then off bowling we doodle-dooed. Goth we were crap but that made it all the more funny. Miss piggy in the adjacent lane was finding it slightly more difficult on account of a) trying to squeeze trotters into wrong sized shoes and b) still being slightly winded by the supposedly errant cue ball ;-)

I especially liked Vodas attempt to correct the path of the ball by waving his hands in the direction he wanted it to go in.

Also got some funky photos from the occassion (and we all laughed and had a good time I think). I suggested to V that miss piggys boyfriend could take a picture of us. "Why not ask her" she asked. "Watch for even 1 minute and dare to ask me the same question" I replied. After a litte reality she let BF take the photos. Can't always get what you want (as Reverend Jagger stated).

Merci V,

ps Also got to speak to another lovely ex-colleague which was funny...

V-> "Sorry C. I'm speaking to S"

C-> "You're speaking to S?"

V-> "Oui"

C-> "Which S?"

V-> "THE S"

At which point I had to interfere - "Sorry C, yes it is me."

"OMFG it's you!!!! and you're at V's house" etc.

Bisous C.

Hola also to the other young ladies in the team - you know who you are if you've been visited by the S Express ;-) (Not carnally just cordially) *bows courteously and exits*

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MKWM dijo...

Cordially, not carnally... Ha ha ha... You don't expect us to believe what we read in the virtual sex press, do you really?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Virtual sex press dear? You must have me mistaken with the T Meister ;-)

Drama Queen dijo...

That was strange to read. . .all my friends call me V, I couldn't shake the idea that you have some secret obsession we me. . .

Oh I do flatter myself. Someone has to.

MKWM dijo...

It might have been a typo...
S Express, sex press....you choose! ;-)

SpanishGoth dijo...

DQ -> you're not flattering yourself I do want to give you a big Gothic cuddle (involves all sorts of strange activities though ;-)

Minky -> I don't do typos but thanks for your concern :-)

MKWM dijo...

You don't, Master, but I am visited quite often by the typo fairy... or typo demon, you choose.