sábado, enero 20, 2007

First Love

I was a bit worried about doing a post on the topic of First Love but, as it seemed to be very popular with the blogging community this week (granted the more girly contingent) I had to think. However, I am a sensitive Goth and I'm not afraid of a challenge so I figure I might just get away with this after all.

The beautiful blonde girl blew me away at first sight. It was like an angel had appeared before me. All this beauty wrapped up in a picture of draw-dropping beauty. I hadn't got a clue how I was going to get an opportunity to speak with her. Although we lived in the same village it is quite true also to say that we moved in different circles. However, things were taken out of our hands as our respective parents had decided that we suited each other very well and so contrived to introduce us.

I was entranced by her, by her beauty, by the way she moved, the way even I could see the beauty in things around me when she described them to me. Very soon we were spending every moment we could together. We would go for walks, holding hands and just enjoying each other's company. Fortunately for me, C also loved my golden retriever Shandy so there was no need to leave the dog at home when we went out. Shandy would come bounding out and cover C in doggie kisses which would invariably reduce C to a fit of girly giggles. We shared our kisses of love, embraced and felt the electricity spark between us.

We even managed to get over the time when our parents discovered us naked together. It was harmless fun - nothing more than a 'nuddie cuddle' but you know how fathers can be protective with regard to their daughters. I know I am very protective toward my own little Gothess. Anyway, I managed to talk our way out of the situation and with apologies we were able to continue to grow our relationship.

Eventually, the time had come for me to do the decent thing, so I asked her to marry me. To my utter joy, she agreed. I was happier than a baby rabbit in a field of new carrots. Unfortunately, as I was to discover, the path of true love is somewhat winding and there are so many pitfalls in any relationship. Suffice to say, I acted a bit immaturely (to become the mantra throughout my life I'm afraid).

All good things come to an end and unfortunately my first true love and I seperated. It was probably for the best in the long run but it broke my heart at the time. And that is the story of my first love. Ended because of my immaturity - dammit!!!! To be fair though, we were both only three years old at the time...

a luego,

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Old Broad dijo...

You had me going there, Goth dude. 3 years old???? HILARIOUS!!!!
P.S., sorry I haven't been by lately, but had no internet access for DAYS due our ice storm from hell.
I have missed reading you. No lie.

MKWM dijo...

You had me going too...

Blondes, blondes, blondes everywhere... What is it with them anyway?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Tits - I love them all, women I mean. Blondes... just an expression. Fook me, digging myself into an even deeper hole.

Sorry about the weather OB - feel free to blame me....very long fooking queue though