jueves, enero 18, 2007

Why Goth hates Politics

What a bunch of self-opiniated tossers politicians are. I don't want to get drawn into this bizarre world of butt-fooking weirdos but I will mention it once - just to get it over and done with. I loathe this sub-human class of peeps - must go out and kill people/animals, take some drugs, have sex with prostitutes of the same gender. Oh shit, politicians do that already. So much for my supposed newsflash.

I would probably care more if I took one iotas notice of what they do (fook all) or said (fookwits). My new buddy G, has loads of shite to whinge about as she lives in America. How would you like your Presicunt to be called bush (another euphemism for the female furry area)?? Can he not just die - useless twat?! Shit, yawl managed to 'off' JFK who seemed ok (he got to bonk Marilyn - ha, ha - only a Gothic thought but surely it would be simple to get the bush-twit together with the other Marilyn - Manson).

Easy enough to cover the tracks of indiscretion - just call in the CIA, looking on the grassy knoll they found no casings from a rifle. In the UK, they would have found used condoms, syringes, empty wodka bottles at least.

Muhammed Ali (Happy Birthday dude) got it quite correct when he said, after getting busted for refusing to fight in Vietnam "I got nothing against no Viet Cong. No Vietnamese ever called me a nigger". It's sad that within a few days there is mourning for MLK (top dude) and then, MA (best fighter ever....well, until Jet Li appeared) has to shuffle about on his 65th birthday. Meanwhile, Condescending Rice is buggering off doing more shopping - yeah, we all hope Imelda Marcos is dead, when it was mentioned about 'filling her shoes' you didn't have to buy the whole fooking collection.


I do have to say one thing though - leave off picking on Tone (Blair I mean). The boy knows how to diffuse a situation. Years ago on a non-Gothic day (i.e. a watching football day) I was sitting, merrily drinking my way, with fellow United supporters, toward impropriety on Wembley Way (the road leading to what used to be Wembley Stadium) when TB walked up the Way holding the hand of his then quite young son Euan. "Fuck me, it's Tony Blair!!" shouted the gorilla in the gang. "Alright Tony, congrats on the fucking election fucking victory" he shouted. Without breaking stride (and without a single minder in sight I might add), TB replied "Hello lads, hope you enjoy the game today - good luck".

Gorilla boy had no answer to this, the rest of us just looked at each other in stupidity before giving TB a 'thumbs-up' salute. Situation diffused. King Eric (Monsieur Cantona) scored the winner and we all went home happy. If only it was this easy all the time.

- Israeli "Wow, nice headscarf, it really goes with your eyes"
- Palestinian "Do you think so? Thanks. Fancy a beer"
- Israeli "I'd love one - reckon we go to the beach and check out the babes"
- Palestinian "Nice call dude - I'll grab some take-outs so we can chill"
- Israeli "Excellent, dude"


hasta luego,

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MKWM dijo...

First! Now I can read your post à mon aise... à plus tard.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Yikes - are you turning into a bloke? Coming first I mean? ;-)

Drama Queen dijo...

All well I'll settle for coming third. Hey guys we have ourselves a threesome going on. . .

Sorry, I can't think of anything to say on the post, I hate politics, in this case ignorance is *bliss*

Back again to the threesome. . .

SpanishGoth dijo...

Cool - count me ooooooh so in ;-)) Should I bring the nutella?

As for politics (like I said, done and dusted now so I don't have to think of the subject again)

MKWM dijo...

Yeah, Master, coming first with the bread & butter, you bring the Nutella, DQ will set the table and make the toasts.

Now, what are we missing? ... Drinks. Alrighty then, who's joining in to serve the hot chocolate?

Politics...yawns...not tonight, dear.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Don't forget the napkins - need something to cover my embarrassment. Some party hats might add some colour to the video ?!

MKWM dijo...

There will be hats in our fire-crackers. Would paper napkins do?
Now now, what embarassment are you talking about here?

SpanishGoth dijo...

I'm only a poor little shy Goth boy - who knows how I will react to being in the presence of two lovely ladies with just my trusty jar of Nutella???

MKWM dijo...

Don't you worry, Goth boy, we'll treat you right. BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER, remember?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Sounds ok then *starts to untie his runnung away pixie boots* - Make Love not Pancakes ;-)