martes, enero 30, 2007

Not Alone

This is for a new friend of mine who is having a hard time (to prove that she is not alone, I too have these feelings) *hugs* to K

alone, I can say that I cried
in my soul, in my heart, I have died
not one

heart once giving life
taking all from my

my tears, run away
forgotten but not lost

the truth, yet cursed
obey the rules but

aching and mournful
failing tears

muted, unwanted
unable to

drifting, so helpless
can't find a way

I search without knowing
if there's a way

a path I could follow
a hand reaching for

lost, lonely child I have become
alone and bereft in the

3 comentarios:

MKWM dijo...

K is not alone, that's for sure.
Is there anyone out there who doesn't have this kind of feelings?

Old Broad dijo...

This is beautiful. I'm gonna send her over to see it.
You are beautiful.

SpanishGoth dijo...

tx - but I don't do these things for acclaim. Incidentally, if you read the last word of each verse, then you see the message.....