jueves, enero 25, 2007

Thanks You Disorganised Twats

I might be Gothic, anarchic and seem a bit off the wall but I could organise a piss-up in a brewery. Fuck, I could organise a piss-up just about anywhere. Generally, they turn out to be spectacular benders where people, drink, smoke, laugh and generally have a good time. Sex? up to you - if that's what you want, fine. I can even probably pair you up with someone of a simillar disposition (if I'm in my Cupid-Goth mood).

What I can't organise is the transport system. On an increasingly regular basis I am left standing on a platform like a nun at an orgy - standing on my own in bemusement, having no fun and tutting *shakes head*. I wouldn't mind if I didn't hold up my end of the bargain - turning up at the supposedly correct time, paying for the priveledge etc but I do. It seems I am doing a sponsored stand around doing fuck all freezing my arse off. Well, I just hope some hungry child in Africa is getting a bowl of beef stew for this.

How fucking hard can it be to get a train from point A to point B on time? Apparently, the answer is impossible. Today we had a Metro car whose doors wouldn't close - so after 10 minutes of futile fiddling about the driver announced we all had to jump off as the train was now out of service. You really shouldn't be using terms like 'jump off' with frustrated passengers dude. I know it's probably not your fault but I don't think that will be the headline in the newspaper. More likely is 'Train driver THROWN off bridge'.

So, when we all 'jumped' on the next piece of shit to arrive on the rails there was a lot of glancing at watches. I didn't bother as I knew I had missed my connection which leaves the horrid and only option of a depressingly expensive taxi - a-fucking-gain. So now, I am still on a train when I should be sat at my desk drinking coffee - bastards.

Funnily enough, only last night I was talking with my favourite Swedish babe, H (the one who regularly gets a 9/10 on the shaggability rating - from both sexes interestingly enough) and she mused that I should have a rant at public transport here in Bell-end-Gium. I was going to resist (the rant, not any advances from her) when the shower of shit managed to fuck it up again. I'd love to see their reliabilty rating. Must rate somewhere between inept and fucking useless. Not that they give a flying fuck obviously.

Why don't you use drive to work then Goth dude? Because my car is in fucking Spain. Now piss off and ask someone else stupid questions.

I suppose I might have won the lottery last night.......then again, probably not.


5 comentarios:

Drama Queen dijo...

Poor boy, is my mood rubbing off on you. Did one inncocent tummy rub lead to us merging moods and minds?

Chin up Goth, I like to see your face :-)

SpanishGoth dijo...

The sad thing is - I'm actually getting used to this by now. Now I'm torn as the post I had intended to put up today is sulking in a corner of my puter. Can't decide if I want to whack it up (oo er missus) today or not. Maybe should take a vote on it?


Drama Queen dijo...

Yeah, nothing wrong with two posts in one day! Your loyal fans will read them both. . .

p.s is it a happy post?

MKWM dijo...

Happy or not, we will read it. Come on then, Goth Master, "whack it up"!

Please tell me, are you really a Cupid-Goth, can you pair people up?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Prepare for whacking (in a gentle way of course) - and yes I can be CupidGoth if I'm in the right mood xx