viernes, enero 19, 2007


Love them or hate them, you can't really live without them now. I certainly can't but most of the reason for that is that they provide me with an income to do the more interesting things in life such as drinking, eating etc. I can understand why users get very frustrated by them and I have to say this is not helped by a large proportion of my fellow 'techies'. They have a very parochial attitude where they mystify the systems so that only they, the Wizard can save the poor helpless user.

I don't subscribe to this method and it is with great glee that I help users to tear the techie's security blanket into shreds of insecurity. In all the years I have worked in computers I have encountered an inumerable number of prickless 'wonders' who tut, moan and blame the user for everything that goes wrong on the computer system they so "expertly" set-up and configured. Generally, dear user - take heart - it's not you it's the scruffy little geek (you know, the one who couldn't get laid in a brothel with £50 hanging out of his back pocket) that bodged.

The policy of not sharing information is so badly judged. If a user asks how to do something and I know they cannot corrupt the system with this new knowledge - I show them how to do it themselves. That way I don't have the same person coming back to me a week later with the same request. They feel better as they feel they are in control and I feel better as the flow of (to me, very simple) requests slows to a trickle.

It seems I am not alone in sharing with the users. On one of my 'techie' sites I discovered this gem I thought I would share with you - sort of a Friday, best day of the week story. Wish I'd come up with the idea but rest assured, should the dpportunity just follow the legions to the roof :-)

hasta luego y bueno fin de semana,

I worked for a high-paced shop that had a staff that was often pretty stressed. Over the years, both prior to and during my tenure, we accumulated quite a few dead AT, XT, 286, 386, monitors, Wyse terminals, printers and the like. This stuff was stored in an unoccupied portion of the building along with other stuff that could reasonably be called trash. Eventually the principals decided to lease out the unoccupied area where all this junk was stored. And since there was computer garbage in the mix, my 2-man IT staff was tasked with getting rid of it. A large roll-off dumpster was scheduled for all the junk, including the computer junk.

After quitting time the night before the roll-off was delivered we moved all the dead computer stuff to the roof, 4-stories high. The next morning we invited the staff to the roof where they found a pile of gear and all were given the opportunity to huck the stuff off the roof and see if they could hit the dumpster. No one missed! And everyone loved it. They got to take out their frustrations on those &*$%^# computers by smashing them, and morale improved, at least for a few days.

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Tippler dijo...

I know a few Brussels barstaff who would dearly love to pop up on to a four-storey high roof and find a bunch of annoying customers tied firmly to chairs.

Sadly, I suspect I'd be one of those warily eyeing the dumpster far below and would probably be first over the edge.

SpanishGoth dijo...

And Vice Versa matey - I'm sure you can think of one or two barstaff (or management) that deserve a bit of dumpster-diving...I know I can.

Drama Queen dijo...

ring ring ring

IT idiot: Hello?

Me: my puter's broken AGAIN.

IT: well have you restarted it?

Me: yes

IT: Well restart it again.

(*waits few minutes*)

Me: I just did that, it’s still broken.

IT: I'm on my way, you're obviously not restarting it properly. Tut Tut.


SpanishGoth dijo...

I presume you're referring to IT idiot as the dumbass not yourself.

My favourite one is the forgotten password.

'Can you reset my password please'

IT chump 'Log in and submit a request to the helpdesk'

'If I could log-in I would know my password - that's what I use it for'

IT chump 'But I need a change request first'

'Hold on' *starts humming down phone* 'right, should be there now'

IT chump 'So you've managed to log in then'

'No, I was just sending a voodoo spell down the phone to try and restart your brain, obviously didn't work for shit, a bit like you and yes I know this stupid conversation is recorded. Hello everyone on the training course, this is the example of how leaving a monkey on the helpdesk does not increase customer service - now pass me onto your supervisor please monkey boy'

MKWM dijo...

Are you a Wizzard, Master? Should I start calling you Web Master or not?

SpanishGoth dijo...

You can call me what you like - well, apart from Susan, or Janet - completely up to you.

Have been a web master in the past but I'm keeping Goth World a techie-free zone for now.