miércoles, enero 31, 2007

Sitting on an Angry Chair

"Sitting on an angry chair, angry walls that still declare" - Alice in Chains. Unfortunately, a feeling I know all too well. I do my best to suppress my anger but, again it surfaces, triggered by some inane comment. Looking on the bright side, Rage Against the Machine are reforming, the "You brain dead, you want a mother fucking bullet in the head" gang are back in town.

However, in order to try and cheer myself up, gradually, I created a list of some of my favourite lyrics (feel free to suggest your own faves). it's a strangely therapeutic process, thinking about the list, like counting backwards from fucking ten to awww, look a baby one - usually works for me, but, that's 'musos' for you........ In theory, this train (of thought) should depart from anger (at whatever time it fucking wants - grrrr), stopping briefly at misery, angst, self-loathing, loneliness, sadness, bettersville, middle of nowhere, lunacy, pleasure, rock pleasure and other pleasure before terminating in Love.

*holds hand out* - "Tickets perlease !".

anger - "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me" - Rage Against the Machine
misery - "I give, you take, this life that I forsake" - Metallica
angst - "this what you want, what you need, always feel me strapped to you.." - Moist
self-loathing - "I feel stupid and contagious, turn the lights off it's less dangerous" - Nirvana
loneliness - "All the teachers used to look right through me, look right through me" - Gary Jules (Tears For Fears)
sadness - "Would you know my name, if I saw you in heaven?" - Eric Clapton *tears flow - always reminds me of MG's*
bettersville - "Well they're never gonna get me, like a bullet through a flock of doves" - My Chemical Romance
middle of nowhere - "I'm on a road to nowhere, come on the ride" - Talking Heads
lunacy - "Fat bottoms, fat bottoms, talk about bum cheeks, my girls got 'em" - Spinal Tap
pleasure - "Touching you-eeee-ooooio, touching me-eee-eeiiooo" - The Darkness
rock pleasure - "She told me to come but I was already there" - AC/DC
other pleasure - "Then I'm gonna love you completely and then I'll fucking fuck you discretely" - Tenacious D
Love - "I'll save every day 'til eternity passes away just to spend them with you" - Jim Croce

OK - back to relative normality now. Not quite sure how you could measure it - they don't actually sell 'normality meters' in the shops. What I mean is I no longer want to stamp on someone's head until it looks like a beef patty. Which is good, right??

So now, bloggers, I need your help. I have finally persuaded the Wicked Witch of the East (WWotE) to allow MG's (mini-goths) to go to Euro Disney. This is not the Big Issue - not after your money (already got that boring shite covered) - I need you to pray for no-rain. Second week of April - I need a heatwave in Marne-la-Vallee. Remember that there were seven wonders of the world, well there are two in Goth world and I don't want them to have a crap time.

Contrary to the bullshit of the 'bitches of eastwick' (otherwise known as the pontificating, lying witches purporting to be friends to ex-G but in reality, fuckwits job-sharing one brain between them all) I do want a holiday for my kids. The MG's can go - and I'm even paying for WWotE also - and, in the best hotel I might add. But, as a Goth I am not allowed to trifle in the tinkerings of shite like the weather etc - so, help......pls.

a luego,

ps just to conclude with my favourite lyrics (from my hero, Andrew Eldritch) - "I was quite impressed until I hit the floor, but isn't that what friends are for" - "In a bar that's always closing, in a world where people shout, I don't want to talk it over, I don't want to work it out" .

pps taking his head out of his own arse long enough to think about other peeps - big hugs to Special K - besos chica xxx

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MKWM dijo...

'Special K', how cute! It also reminds me I didn't take the time to eat my cornflakes this morning.

MG's will love Eurodisney, even if the weather is crap. But it won't be, it will be just fine, trust me, I know.

SpanishGoth dijo...

I have taken them once before and they loved it which is partly why I chose it for them this year.

I trust you Minky :-)

MKWM dijo...

Oh, they've been before, so it won't be the same 'magic' but they'll have a very good time anyway.

You should arrange for at least a day & night in Paris, they must climb on the Eiffel Tower before going back to Wales.

Don't tell me they've been up there already?!

Other than that, how are you now? Still sitting on an angry chair?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Not sitting on angry chair anymore - but thanks for asking. They don't live in Wales, ex-G didn't like Wales because they speak Welsh there. Wouldn't move abroad for similar xenophobic tendencies.

Might be better for MG's this time as this time they are staying 'on-site' whereas last time were in MarneLV itself. I'm not going - just paying for it.

Drama Queen dijo...

Ha ha. I'm free.

Oh no.

Shit. Must go.

Teeny dijo...

I read this earlier and have been singing that Rage Against the Machine song ever since. Imagine if that line slipped out while I'm at work! Not good! Good angry song though.

Will keep fingers crossed for glorious sunshine second week in April...

SpanishGoth dijo...

It is a bit of a belter isn't it. When Mariposa and I moved to Spain we initially started out driving in a van from Bruxelles but got pulled by the Gendarme in south France. That song was on the stereo at the time and so I just turned it up and pretended I was English and thus spoke no "frog" at all.

Nice plan - didn't work for shit though.

Do love the song though and it's nice to know when you're angry, there are people even angrier out there ;-)

SpanishGoth dijo...

DQ - can't decide if you are actually working or just pretending. Busy trawling through CJ's archive was where you were last 'clocked'....

Drama Queen dijo...

I'll have you know that was last night my friend!!!!

At home.

All I have visited since is you, MKWM and Teeny.

God nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. . .

MKWM dijo...

'working or just pretending', look who's talking!!!

ahem... I shouldn't be here myself, really.

Tippler dijo...

*Whistles - now the mag's finally at the printer*

SpanishGoth dijo...

Am working too!!!! And two weeks ahead of schedule on the project plan thankyou *takes a bow* - not my fault I'm fast.

Guess that means we're famous now T-Meister (too late to be undone and all that?)

zoe dijo...

if you're not going, then give the MGs loads of drugs to embarrass (how do you spell that word) their mother with.

i've just broken a nail and the Twat is in a foul mood. he needs that angry chair. all over a bloody car.

Drama Queen dijo...

Just thought I'd see hello but I see I'm all alone in her. . .everyone else did F all at work today then. . .

SpanishGoth dijo...

Cool idea - give my kids loads of drugs, get ex-G arrested and kids have to come and live with me - nive one Z. I suppose I'm going to have to skate over to your musing area to find out why Q is perplexed...

DQ - that's because we don't all have our bosses sitting on our knee. Now if you weren't so damn attractive.....

Drama Queen dijo...

Did I just say I'm alone in her. . .damn! So glad you never noticed that one (or were too polite to comment).

SpanishGoth dijo...

I'll take the 'polite' option if that's acceptable to you my precious. And, if I'm jolly polite all day, might go through the 2k mark today. Hooray *waves silk handkerchief in the air*

Old Broad dijo...

Relax. Don't do it.
Can't help you out on the rain thingie. I have no weight in heaven.

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