martes, enero 23, 2007

Official - China is mad

It's official, China is mad. Completely off their trolley. Ok - maybe not the whole country but certainly the ones with their sticky little fingers on the trigger. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse with the world's number 1 power being run by an extra from the Muppet Show - yes I'm referring to Bush the Tush - now those little yellow terrors are trying to prove that they are just as insane.

What brings me to say this? - Check out the news. "China confirms satellite downed". As if this in itself si not insane enough, after they hold their hands up and said "ok, we admit, we shot the fucker down" their logic borders on Bushism at it's finest. Yes, we admit we launched a medium range ballistic missile and killed the fuck out of a weather satellite - they follow that with the draw-jopping statement "we remain committed to the peaceful development of outer space".

What the fuck?

When did peace and missiles ever fit in the same sentence? Did they never show Star Wars in China. Probably not I suppose. Take it from me, the good guys win in the end but lots of people die and planets explode etc. If you stopped procreating so much and looked at it from a logical perspective you would get the idea that launching missiles is a really bad idea. Now I suppose Bush wants to launch one, which obviously will have to be a bigger one as he is from Texas, just to prove what an idiot he is.

Trust me George - you don't need to. Popular world opinion is that you are already the biggest wanker in the world.

Rant over. Back to stroking furry animals.

*very angry* Goth

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Drama Queen dijo...

I hate to break it too you but much like your beloved muppet show characters, Bush the Tush is not running America. Instead there’s some man down there with a large hand up his arse. . .I even heard the voice was done by a girl.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Indeed this is true - probably Miss Piggy doing the voice (seem to remember some link with pig farming in the Bush family somewhere).

Just keeps your fingers crossed that Bush keeps his ringpiece puckered tight enough to stop the hand from escaping and pressing the launch button.

Old Broad dijo...

This is good. I see our *cough* beloved leader is so ever popular just about NOWHERE!!!
You think you're pissed? We LIVE under Dubya's thumb.
Oh, and that man with a "large hand up his arse" (I just love the way you people say ASS) is none other than Darth Cheney, the LORD OF DARKNESS.
Lots & lots of drinking hard liquor tonight in this country, I can promise you.

supergirlest dijo...

i guess it gives me some comfort to know that there are other leaders in other countries that practice the fine art of double speak... war is peace. weather satellites are the enemy. and so on and so forth. i'm ashamed that bush is our fearful leader. :( i can only hope that the rest of the world realizes that we all aren't under his spell and that we want him and his posse as far away from any triggers as humanly possible!

thanks for stopping over and commenting at my place! i shall put you in my blogroll as well! AND thank you for the add to yours!

i can't find an email addy for you anywhere on your site - couldya wouldya email me through mine? it's at the end of my sidebar on the right hand side of the page! thanks sg!

SpanishGoth dijo...

OB -> I wouldn't say I was pissed, more a little worried that Chinas insanity might provoke a reaction.

SG -> np - I have sent you an e-mail. It's not on the site because 1) I already receive enough shite in my inbox and 2) don't want the axis of evil - ex-wifelet or family reading that I am actually happier without her poison.

hasta luego chicas,

SpanishGoth dijo...

Bollocks - having one of those days again. Forgot to mention the review of the year from young master Riley regarding The State as we fucked it up Union - by George and the Insane Posse -> Go here