viernes, diciembre 21, 2007

All Saints

It's a very French thing but apparently every day of the year has it's own Saint. In some respects, I find that slightly amusing as I was actually named after The Saint - which was very annoying to me as a child as I wanted to be called Steve like the Six Million Dollar Man. It also meant that my initials were exactly the same as Sanitary Towel - always handy if you need beating up in school.

Back to the days and Saints thing. Obviously, having to come up with 365 Saints names necessitates scraping the bottom of the barrel. Today, for example, is Saint Pierre Canisius day. That's not too bad I suppose but here are a few others of interest:-

February 12 - Saint Felix (patron saint of cats I believe)

March 2 - Saint Charles Le Bon (founder member of Duran Duran)

March 20 - Saint Herbert (inventor of yellow powder that fizzes on your tongue)

May 12 - Saint Achille (proud wearer of go-faster sandals)

May 18 - Saint Eric (the half a bee)

June 5 - Saint Igor (the first Saint to live in a spooky castle)

July 20 - Saint Marina (patron Saint of yachts)

July 28 - Saint Samson (no, I'm not making this shit up - it exists!!)

September 22 - Saint Maurice (some people call him the Space Cowboy - woo hoo)

September 25 - Saint Hermann (the original Munster)

October 30 - Saint Bienvenu (the first Saint to work as a doorman at the Pearly Gates)

December 29 - Saint David (which is unusual as March 1st is St Davids day in Wales)

So, I think it's time for a Saint Goth day. I can't remember exactly what you have to do to be a Saint - I think it has something to do with 2 miracles or something. I can do that. All I have to do is eat a McDonalds burger without blowing chunks and then watch Paris Hilton on TV without shouting "KILL, KILL, KILL".


Then I get my own day. Of course, I dare say you have some better suggestions for miracle type shite I could do?......

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john.g. dijo...

You could rid us religion! But that would be a miracle too far!

Merry Xmas!

john.g. dijo...

Bugger, 1st and 2nd!

PI dijo...

I have a Saint's name - sort of. Not very saint like though. Have a good holiday and a happy healthy 2008.

The Aunt dijo...

I'm currently writing to the Vatican endorsing a vicar friend for canonisation or at least one of these new bonuses the Pope has announced. If he gets canonised, my be-collared buddy would be St Brendan of Brussels, what say ye? I suspect his day would be July 12th.

SpanishGoth dijo...

JG -> But where would I find my entertainment if I disposed of religion?

Merry xmas and all that festive bollocks ;-)

Pat -> What is 'saint-like'?? I assume it's rather boring and the alternative is so much better

Aunty -> St Brendan? Probably works in Ireland methinks.

The Aunt dijo...

Well he's Irish, as it happens.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Aunty -> So he has a head start then

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

Aunty, I might be wrong about this (I'm sure Che can verify) I think you have to be DEAD before you are canonized. You can propose me too while you are at it - and Che can second the nomination. Saint Daphne of Woluwe ... nice ring to it.

Anónimo dijo...

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