viernes, noviembre 09, 2007

The Beautiful People

According to the mother of Yang Erche Namu, the Chinese judge of their version of Pop Idol, 'good sex means good skin'.

In itself, that doesn't make an awful lot of sense, but it gets weirder. Mother went on to explain that the way to avoid zits, was to have loads of sex (to which the daughter rigidly adhered).

Therefore, logically following the argument - the more you have sex, the clearer your skin (and by definition, the more people who want to have sex with you).

I suppose it does explain why there are so many spotty teenagers getting nothing but sore wrists, but surely soap would help on the complexion front - although granted it is not going to be as pleasurable as the alternative.

Funnily enough, I guess it also explains why there are so many fucking Chinese in the first place (literally).

So, the question becomes, what other fantastic reasons for having sex could there be? (apart from putting Clearasil out of business....)

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Anónimo dijo...

Then there I nearly declared been false!!! I have never had of pain in wrists!!

Then a small history about " small Chinca " or " small Indian (South America) " chinchilla, one of his feature (at the male) its sex is very clear in birth it nait with very its hairs and sees from birth! Let us come back to sex more it makes its sex crac-crac with madam more becomes dark to the point of becoming almost black! and madam is fecund to everything them 28 days, when mister made her deal with madam that ci evict a small resembling muff in if to be wrong in a condom, and it is how it that they know that it is taken!
Is not unconvincing?

Princess of the Universe dijo...

Exercise obviously- look at how many calories you (should be ) a fabulous cardio workout. :)

Daphne Wayne-Bough, dijo...

Having babies, exclusively.

"Crac-crac with madam" will go down in my list of delightful epithets for making the beast with two backs.

Stacie dijo... 'bout just because I like it?
No better reason than that...

john.g. dijo...

Yep, shagging is good fun!

kimmyk dijo...

it works out the aggression or gives me time to watch what's on the telli? i dont know goth. i haven't gotten my ovaries tickled in about a week now...but when i do i'll letcha know, okay?

Sewmouse dijo...

Having Sex will save the planet from global warming.

If you are having sex, then you aren't using precious resources, you aren't driving your car (one hopes!!), you aren't burning fossil fuels - so you are being "green" by bumping uglies!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Dip-Dop -> 'small muff in wrong condom?' - surely the rectum versa

Princess -> it's not the calories you burn, it's the money

Daphne -> you should try sex with someone fun...

Stacie -> good enough reason for me

JG -> It is? oh yeah shagging = sex (unlike the bird-shooting event)

Kimmy -> not sure I want to know when you've had your ovaries tickled (can't you just keep it simple and inform me when you have been covered in chocolate?)

Sewmouse -> 'bumping uglies'? - you're sleeping with the wrong people