viernes, septiembre 28, 2007

A Challenge

Normally, I would tell anyone that set me a challenge to fuck off. But, this challenge was set by a person I respect and thus, I will adhere to it - a bit like superglue but without the stickiness and shite packaging.

The challenge? - to create a story using the titles of the tracks from one album. Granted it was not specified which album (and it will be short, in a vertically challenged way) - so welcome to the darkness in a Gothic fashion.


Master Eldritch had an idea about a new clothing line - not just one idea rather an "Avalanche" of ideas. Thus he decided to do a "Dress Rehearsal Rag" even though he was uncertain about being "Last Year's Man" because that would be silly, like getting caught in the rain and not having your "Famous Blue Raincoat".

But when "Love Calls You by Your Name" you cannot run away like a big girls blouse - "Joan of Arc" tried that and the muppets tied her to some flammable material and set her on fire. Despite her protests and the dwarves, who proclaimed that there were "Diamonds in the Mine" - she was toast, in a barbeque type fashion.

"HOY, you daft bastards" she said, but they were religious and fervent and so she gave up, as it was pointless, in a 'making no difference' kind of way.

As the flames tickled her torso she said "Sing Another Song, Boys" because Smoke On The Water was really pissing her off, in a fucking hell, I'm on fire way.

Therefore, Master Eldritch decided that black was good and thus, the Sisters of Mercy were created.


Your turn bozo, I mean J

P.S. The album is here

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PI dijo...

Y'see for all I know you could be making that up.

SpanishGoth dijo...

As if I would do such a thing my dear. The link is here and it is an album by Leonard Cohen, who once wrote a song called Sisters Of Mercy, which is where the name of the band came from - the lead singer of which is Andrew Eldritch (who funnily enough, got stuck in a lift once with Tippler)

john.g. dijo...

Nice, Goth! Any order?

Anónimo dijo...

In view of the state of the Belgium why not to have chosen ...?

Songs From A Room
A Bunch Of Lonesome Heros
Bird On A Wire
Lady Midnight
Seems So Long Ago, Nancy
Story Of Isaac
The Butcher
The Old Revolution
The Partisan
Tonight Will Be Fine
You Know Who I Am

JolietJake dijo...

now take the chapter titles of a story and use them to write a famous Album

Tom Joad dijo...

Didn't get near my computer at the weekend - nice jorb though, Goth. Double Bubble for managing to get The Sisters in as part of the story!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Sorry not to have replied earlier

JG -> any order but no changing of titles

Dip-Dop -> anyone would think you didn't like Belgium - you should try living here :(

JJ -> I'm working on it, sort of

Tom -> Tx, wondered how many peeps would pick up on the Sisters reference

Anónimo dijo...

I is of very big friend there, and I love people of the north ({)