jueves, septiembre 13, 2007


Firstly, before you religious harpies start bombarding me with messages about how I should convert to your religion - fuck off and think about why you believe what you do before you start an argument. The reason being that I would not start an argument without knowing a little bit about what I'm talking about first.

Secondly, do not confuse witchcraft with the concept of old hags pissing about on broomsticks turning people into frogs or something for no bloody reason at all. That is not what being a witch is at all.

Thirdly, assuming you've got this far, I do not believe in the occult, Satan as an entity, sacrificing goats (unless you need a kebab), or drinking blood - I am not a vampire as they don't actually exist, apart from vampire bats but they don't count as they drink horses blood, get pissed on blood, fall off and get trod on (which is pretty fucking stupid).

Now that I've got that shit off my mind, let's turn to witchcraft. It pre-dates most religions and is common in all cultures. It is an affinity with nature that was explained best in a really popular film. Ah, but which film? The Wicker Man? (nope, good guess as Wicca is the original name for a witch). I could keep you guessing but I'm boring myself now. It's Star Wars - the concept of The Force - everything holding an energy that can be felt and observed as an energy but only harnessed with an ability.

I do know witches and have been invited to join a number of covens (for a number of reasons I will not illucidate upon). I'm already considered a freak, which is okay as most peoples opinions hold no relevance to me.

However, visitors to Goth World may not want to know about witches so I'll stop now.

But, you have to laugh at the Online Etymology Dictionary which states a "possible connection to Gothic weihs "holy"

BWAHAHAHAHA *and some cackling in the background*

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yorlor dijo...

amen. yoda was a witch. giggles.

Daphne Wayne-Bough dijo...

Nah, these white witches are just playing. If you want real voodoo, go to West Africa.

Stacie dijo...

Hey now...don't be knocking broom flying and frog turning until you've tried it. I find nothing more satisfying in life than goign around turning people into frogs. And believe me, the majority of them deserve worse. As for vampires, well...I'd tell them to "*uck me* but I'm too much of a lady to say something like that.

Princess of the Universe dijo...

I'm sorry that you stopped- that was a very interesting beginning.

I have a lot of pagan friends, and have participated in rituals for various purposes...

I made the mistake of mentioning it at work once and learned pretty quickly how closed minded most people are.

john.g. dijo...

So, Harry Potter is fiction then?
And I like kebabs, in fact I'm having one tonight.
And when I go to the loo in the morning, Ihope the force is with me!!

Anónimo dijo...
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SpanishGoth dijo...

Yorlor -> yes, but an 'ickle' witch

Daffers -> do not want voodoo, who do stuff thank you

Stacie -> too much of a lady to say what you want

Princess -> it's a beginning, not an end

JG -> No Harry Potter is shit but that's another story and as for the loo, you should hope that gravity proves it's point

Anónimo dijo...


La noir donne le courage pour vivre son destin .
La rouge, rose ou orangée c’est le rire, la joie la passion l’amour, la tendresse .
La bleue ou verte donne l’espoir, calme la colère .
La mauve donne un sommeil doux et calme .

Have a good night!

Mr Farty dijo...

I would never describe Elizabeth Montgomery as an old hag.

MKWM dijo...

You, a freak? Let me laugh here. Having an affinity with nature is a gift. It's all about perception, some have it, some don't.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Dip-Dop -> very good et merci mon ami

Mr Farty -> yeah, but her mother was a bit of a harpy (and you must have felt bad for Darren at times)

Minky -> Impressed I am, but follow the path should you?

yorlor dijo...

ickle? ... um, i'm earthen, but not that hip to the lingo, goth.

bananas62 dijo...

I know many witches too! Oh wait you said witches not bitches! I haven't encountered these types of people, the witchy kind, well at least that I know of....But I guess whatever get one through their day, I suppose!

How your elbow???

I missed ya baby!

SpanishGoth dijo...

Yorlor -> Little, pronounced by small children is 'ickle'

Bananas -> missed you honey and the elbow is fine although it is bizarre you should mention it (for wicca reasons)

yorlor dijo...


we usually get 'widdle,' or, my absolute favorite which my current three-year-old prescribes to:


SpanishGoth dijo...

I shall write a post using the word YITTLE then, and when I'm famous, or dead, you can explain that she inspired me.