martes, septiembre 18, 2007

Strange Dreams

Regular visitors to Goth World will know that I have some strange dreams. Squirrels on skateboards with machine guns, cow-pat frisby competitions etc but the latest one is interesting for a single principle, which should become apparent as you read the following.

It's not often that I indulge in chocolate. Not being female, it doesn't give the same blast of pheromones (or the squidgy bit that follows) so I don't go in search of chocolate love - but occassionally I dabble with Black Magic.

Anyhow, I was dreaming, about nice things for a change, instead of dead people. In my dream, I had this really large chocolate muffin - the sort that contains liquid chocolate inside it so that when you pierce the fluffy chocolate exterior, liquid chocolate oozes or squirts out (depending on how you poke it).

So, in my dream, I am looking at this muffin and marvelling at it's beauty but can't decide whether to pour cream over it, or ice cream or ..... there's a thought, the lovely cherry sauce that I brought back from Vienna. Hence, I pick up the bottle of cherry sauce and pour it over my lovely, hot muffin.


It's not cherry sauce, it's olive oil


Then, I suddenly thought - 'Hold on a minute, this is a dream - not reality'. So I said "Fuck off, this is my dream and I will do what I want" and it was like running a film backwards - the olive oil retreated back into the bottle leaving my lovely muffin as it was.

It's not something I have done before in my dreams but I have to say, I was fucking impressed.

I don't even know if I ate the muffin after all but Mariposa was happy that I woke up with a smile on my face.

WAKE UP - Rage Against The Machine

oh, btw, what was your strangest dream?

AND, being a twat, I am making this a TAG, and so I tag:-

Johnny Gihad
Zoe or her twat

Do it, don't do it - I don't actually give a fuck, just thought it was an amusing idea

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john.g. dijo...

You're odd! But I've never been one to shirk a challenge, and I like your humour. That makes me odd too. Aah well! I accept!

Elaine dijo...

my weirdest dream. have so many. hard to say. i tend to forget them quickly. sometimes i record them. but the one that stands out, that I remember in great detail when the phrase "your weirdest dream" runs through my head is unpublishable.

MKWM dijo...

The olive oil retreated back into the bottle? You do have magic dreams, Goth Master.

This is indeed an amusing idea. I accept too, and I haven't forgotten I was once tagged by Scouse Doris, so I will soon kill two birds with a stone (am way too tired to do it right now but I sure will).

John G's drinking partner dijo...

John G sent me. He says that you're "fucking weird". I don't think you are, you're just a fucking raving pyscho and a nut-case and should be thrown into a padded cell.... Preferably the one next to mine, cos I think that Hohn thinks that you think like me. Just a thought.....

I don't dream, I'm usually too pissed when I get to bed.

Same as above. dijo...

Hohn? who's he? Sorry, I meant JOHN.

Anónimo dijo...

The world without dreams is the hopeless world !

Me too you suspect it ?
I have a floppée of it... It is not one, but several which trot me in the head !
With not enough visit no risks being labelled !
My most harebrained dreams, drôlatique to see supernatural are still in the cupboard !!

By waiting:Un for castle appears to the abandonment. In a big room, sat at his table, mister Crabtree, writes his newspaper...

Ah! heck! nobody rang in the door, I remain therefore the only with my stories to sleep standing, Morphée is in all the states, me whose name recalls a famous French fabulist of the 17th century, last of a family of 4 brothers...
« Good favour is the true donation of the fairies; without her they can nothing, with her they can everything. »

BBC dijo...

Yes, dreams can seem strange and can have nothing to do with anything other than it playing with itself. And unlike those that think dreams always mean something, that is bullshit. Dreams do not always mean something, in fact more often than not they mean nothing.

Maybe less than one percent of one percent of your dreams have any real meaning.

I can do it when I'm wide awake, turn my brain loose to play with itself, it can be very interesting.

Now hand over all the frigging chocolate and no one gets hurt.

Stacie dijo...

That is so fascinating to me Goth, I recently read an article about how to manipulate your dreams and take control of things that happen within them. As I am plagued by nightmares on a regular basis, I am really interested in this whole phenomena. I hope to be able to put it into practice, I'm tired of being attacked time and again, it's time for me to start kicking some ass.

SpanishGoth dijo...

JG -> Odd? Moi? Never - although I am flattered

Elaine -> I'm intrigued and it would be published in Goth World ;-)

Minky -> Take your time honey, I have a feeling that it will be worth the wait

JG's Cohort -> Welcome to Goth World. I am not a psycho but I will accept the 'fucking weird' award - do I need to do an acceptance speech?

Dip-Dop -> I knew I could count on you for this topic - but why a castle? or is it an abandoned castle (i.e. one in ruins?)

bbc -> I never was an avocado of Freudian analisis - but the chocolate you can have for free. Try and nick the Jack Daniels and you will be in trouble though

Stacie -> shit. You're actually being serious. Send me a mail (the e-mail addy is somewhere on the site) and I will make a few suggestions honey

bananas62 dijo...

It's wierd you mention dreams! and even wierder you've done a "TAG" it seems so out of Character for you... but the wierd part is I had a dream this morning that I actually remembered! While hubby was getting ready for work, he had the world cup on...I'm hearing this in my dreams and dreaming that It was actually taking place where my girls used to play soccer and we passed by all the homemade felt banners... I know very mild. but really weird and somewhat comforting... hum.

Tom Joad dijo...

This is true - believe it or not - and merely a representative episode in my world of odd dreams. I was driving my Morris Minor estate (made entirely of Meccano) to a country house. Proper Gothic setting (think Dr Caligari, Nosferatu - that sort of thing). Long story short-ish, I was chased through the house by a cloaked figure with a top hat and a long blade. He was slashing at me, so I closed the door on his arm, the blade flailing wildly before me. My ex-wife woke me - I had my arm around her neck and was strangling her in her sleep. That's not why she's my ex, but it can't have helped. Not the strangest dream per se, but certainly the strangest consequence.

Sewmouse dijo...

While not tagged, my strangest ever dream was dreamed when I was pregnant. I blame it all on hormonal insanity:

I was on my knees behind my mom 'n dad's garage, holding a funeral for a shoebox full of carrots and beets and turnips.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Bananas -> hi honey, out of character? Not really, I like freaking people out

Tom -> woo, Meccano - loved that... still have the funky screwdriver I think - as for the house, I guess we're talking Hammer House of Horror setting?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Sewmouse -> sorry, you must have been typing at the same time I was - a funeral for carrots? but I like carrots, turmips on the other hand - kill, kill, kill

Laura dijo...

too many to count and I haven't been tagged so I'll just keep them my own private insanties...I will say I never have nice dreams ever.

Babs dijo...

I've a neverending stream of bizarre dreams/nightmares (owing to being, well, me). Though I must say I am jealous. I never dream about chocolate. It's usually bloody dead people telling me to do the dishes or my being buried alive. Or similarly warped things.

Tom Joad dijo...

Goth - yeah, Hammer etc. The creepy ones, not the glary, overcoloured ones. Meccano was the bollocks - I'm pretty sure I still have the bendy spanner too.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Laura -> haven't been tagged? you haven't even got a bloody blog so how could I tag you ;-)

Babs -> I dream of dead people all the time, that's not strange - it was the chocolate thing that made it strange this time

Tom -> I was talking Hammer when it was good, not before they started 'vamping' it up

oh, and I have that spanner

kimmyk dijo...

I remember a dream once I was floating on a river boat in a black dress and I was looking especially pale that night in the moonlight and all the water was red.

Don't remember anything else...that's my weirdest memory of a dream.

Normally I dream of tornadoes. Those freak me the fuck out.

Maybe I killed someone that's why the water was red, ya think Goth???

Or maybe I was raggin' it. Who knows.

PI dijo...

When MTL and I were enduring our 30 year separation I had a recurring dream where I was walking beside a river and in the distance I saw him on the other side walking towards me getting nearer and nearer and I waited - heart in mouth, and he didn't look at me - just continued walking - with the river between us. It was strange (and horrid) because I never thought about him consciously.

SpanishGoth dijo...

mmmm - I could give you the 'interpreted' version of dreams ladies but

Anónimo dijo...

My castle is only a decor of dream, certain parts of which are in decline!

Who dreams « to build castles in Spain »? (Poem of the XIIIth century in the Roman de la Rose), a myth, an Utopia, It remains that all these castles are inaccessible ownership, consequence a dream not being defined in time becomes unreal or wild! Everything is allowed!

What mind beats the campaign ?

But no, I do not dream, it is outright of the real. I m ’ thus harness with the task...

You Sick Bastard! dijo...

Sigmund Freud would say that drinking a beer with the muffin will help you.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Dip-dop -> I dream of building a castle in Spain - would do it too if I could

YSB -> I suggest taking tablets with beer instead. Xanex is particularly funny. You zip straight past the 'getting drunk' phase - more like the movie with Nicholas Cage - "Pissed in 60 Seconds"

Tippler dijo...

Posted your effing tag, you git.

It gave me nightmares.

SpanishGoth dijo...


Good work fella and thankyou for falling into my depravity

yorlor dijo...

as i am apnaec [i am known to stop breathing completely during sleep, severely, at that] among my strangest dreams [i am a *very* lucid dreamer, stacie] are those that involve my visualizing people tunring blue or having already died a death of deprived oxygen [aka, not peaceful. they have blue skin and large eyes.] or being currently suffocated.

the top two involve watching a man hump a prostitute who turns into a bloated, blue and bloody whore [which i bank up to "very bad things" about the guys in vegas and the whore gets stabbed in the spine with a robe hook and quentin t's take on a dead whore in a mattress in 4 rooms], and the winner of the cake was the visual of being sucked out of a lake, ala the one in LOTR where the spirits are floating just under the surface, by the short hairs on the neck by a very passionate hand and the sound of the sucking wind screaming "breathe" into my head.

hmmm.... i'm glad you decided to pull the olive oil off my muffin, goth, i prefer cherry sauce.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Yorlor -> glad I'm not your shrink as I would be really using my knowledge at this point