jueves, octubre 18, 2007

Cross Country Running

Physically, I was designed for cross-country running - the physique is there. Mentally, it makes perfect sense to me - a self-preservation order. It's the only time the teacher made sense...

"Run this way, really fast, but stay between the lines" - er, right, not really going to happen.

"Run any way, really fast, and.... where the fuck did he go?" - yey, now we're talking, or rather, running.

I can fight, if I have to, but it fucking hurts. Why bother if you can


My ego will heal a lot faster than a broken arse. So fucking what, that the last thing you saw was my Gothic furry butt disappearing through a hedge?! Better that than coming to my funeral (which will be nice, incidentally - marshmallows for everyone, 'yey, toast them over my burning carcass')

Ergo, mentally, I associate with....


The 'Games Master-bator' (P.E. Teacher) used to get very frustrated with me, but I figure that's because he couldn't catch and stroke me.

"Where'd he go?" he would demand of the little fat one

"Dunno Sir, there was a blur and then..."

"So, where the fuck is he?" - AAAAAAAARGH

*little fat one pointing in the direction I'd gone*

"Goddamn it - I can't see him Simpson"

Indeed, that will be because I'm running and hiding, and I don't care if you get your helicopters and shit 'cos I'm running and I'm not stopping 'till you put your pants back on...


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Tom Joad dijo...

I got into running in my thirties, it being the only time I wasn't as fat as a house. I really enjoyed it, then knackered my left knee completely. End of.

My games master was a misanthropic psycho. He use to make my life hell, until one day he was teaching rugby and said - "Joad - try to get the ball from me". I flattened the cocky little prick.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Top work fella

I played rugby (competitively) twice, and was sent off twice.

Apparently, martial arts are not allowed on a rugby pitch

Gorilla Bananas dijo...

Running is generally pretty smart, but never run away from a lion unless you've got four legs. Stand tall and look mean. I bet you can do that as well.

Drama Queen dijo...

I can only run as fast as I am being chased. And even that depends on whether I want to be caught ;-)

Tom Joad dijo...

Was I the only one who read "marital aids are not allowed on the rugby pitch"?

You Sick Bastard dijo...

I'm a lazy ass and I feel running is something most people do and I'm anti "most people" because it's government forced. Nah forget it, just rambling. I'm buff though (for a scrawny ass). I do exercise but running is what I hate doing.

john.g. dijo...

I'm still crap at running, although my nose compensates occasionally!

kimmyk dijo...

I've thought about running but then I usually just strap on my trainers and go for a walk. Running kills my knees cause I'm old like that. *sigh*

Why was your gym teacher trying to stroke you? Ick. I'd run too.

Honey dijo...

absolutly, running is the first defence.

Crabtree dijo...

Surely a shouting of rallying ?

Fada young person with the long hair and short ideas, in 1968 I taught in my depend that to run to the latin quartier, very useful prop faced with nightsticks! (The flics "CRS")
I therefore played country stick, and also marathon with joy, and some medals!
By getting old I made myself story which by running (cour Forest cour) the girls did not succeed in catching me?
Where is logic?

SusannahS dijo...

Now I have Soul Asylum's "Runaway Train" playing in my head.
Anyone know how to make it stop????

SpanishGoth dijo...

GB -> Never run towards a lion

DQ -> Wow, you're still alive - am I in the category of people that can catch you?

Tom -> probably

YSB -> 'scrawny ass'? nice! - the only exercise I do these days is lifting beer - and occassionally twatting the fuck out of africans, if they push me

JG -> You do have a valid excuse for not running though

Kimmy -> because he was a fucking weirdo - I didn't tell him I'd learnt Karate until afterwards ;-)

Honey -> Intelligence is the first defence, but running does help when dealing with idiots

Dip-Dop -> running away from girls is not a good idea, unless they're ugly

Sussanah -> Alive, Pearl Jam - that's the best advice for getting rid of 'Shite Asylum'

Drama Queen dijo...

Sorry I have been lurking. Life has got crazy busy. For sure you can catch me. . .I might even run slowly on purpose ;-)

SpanishGoth dijo...

DQ -> Now I'm going to have fantasies about when I catch you..... grrrrrrr