domingo, octubre 21, 2007

Strange Supersitions

There are many superstitions that people believe in, some are quite common like black cats crossing your path, walking under a ladder (which makes sense if someone drops a hammer on your head) and having a rabbits foot (although it doesn't seem very lucky for 3-legged Thumper).

However, there are some superstitions which are downright bloody bizarre......
  • Eat a raw herring and you will see your future spouse. (seems to me that you would smell like a fish so I don't see how that would work)
  • Yellow Underwear is good luck (I supppose it might be if you pissed yourself, then no-one would notice)
  • Once leaving a residence it is bad luck to return if something was forgotten. (well, if it was a bomb, maybe, otherwise I can't see how going back would be bad luck)
  • Stepping on a crack in the sidewalk is believed to result in one's mother breaking her back (if she was lying down on the crack, maybe)

As I said, there are many superstitions around the world, depending on the culture and even to some extent, the region of a country your are in.

Here are my 'superstitions' which I believe would bring you bad luck.

  • Jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane whilst in flight
  • Standing in front of a speeding train
  • Stepping on a landmine
  • Attempting to catch a bullet with your teeth

Actually, if you are actually stupid enough to try any of the above, go ahead. The human race is not actually in need of your addition to the gene pool.

Feel free to contribute any more strange superstitions - the weirder the better :)

11 comentarios:

Tom Joad dijo...

If at first you don't succeed - skydiving probably isn't your thing... (not mine, but amusing).

My dear old granny would ever have anything in the house that had a peacock on it. Strange. She never told me why, either. It's going to bug me forever.

Tom Joad dijo...

Never! I meant to type NEVER, not *ever*. Bloody hell!

Princess of the Universe dijo...

Hmmm, I have peacock feathers proudly on display in my house- maybe that's a problem...

I've never understood why saying "rabbits" on the first day of the month is supposed to bring good luck...

john.g. dijo...

Need I mention dead trees and high winds again?

SpanishGoth dijo...

Tom -> indeed, or bungee-jumping off a hotel if your name is Richard Branson

Princess -> depends if they're still attached to the bird (and I think it's white rabbits - something to do with Alice I think)

JG -> no, but I will twat the next tree-hugger I see if that helps ;-)

Gorilla Bananas dijo...

Walking up to a lion and saying 'boo' is considered unlucky in my part of the world. I got away with it once because the fucker was asleep.

Stacie dijo...

I suppose this one is wierd...
I always hold my breath when passing a graveyard. It's bad luck to breath while passing, but in OHIO, some of the graveyards go on for miles it seems...and I had a bit of bad luck whilst holding my breath one time when I was a kid, I damn near passed out. I gave that one up a few years ago. Besides..most of my favourite photography comes from graveyards, you can imagine the difficulty I might have were I to continue that practice.

Also, when driving over train tracks, feet must not touch the floor. I always punch the gas just before going over to ensure I don't end up stopped on the tracks. That would suck!
Happy Weekend Goth!

SpanishGoth dijo...

GB -> Perhaps you didn't say 'boo' loud enough?!

Stacie -> I love graveyards - got married in one.... oh, no, that's where the marriage ended up

Ani dijo...

I come from a long line of superstitious women. Apparently, if someone is sweeping and they accidentally brush over your feet, you will never marry. Also, fish tanks in the home are said to be bad luck in some cultures and good luck in others.

Personally, I like to wear red underwear while smashing mirrors with my 'feet sweeper' and dancing under ladders. With fish. I'm a rebel like that.

JolietJake dijo...

It's bad luck to be a badger during a bovine TB outbreak. (Whatever happened to Normal Lamont?)

SpanishGoth dijo...

Ani -> "long line of superstitious women"?? why were they in a line, was there a sale on?

JJ -> bovine TB? is that why McDonalds tastes like shit?