domingo, octubre 14, 2007

Driving Lessons, in Goth World

Mariposa:- OK, so I steer with this?
Goth:- Yes
And this makes it go forward
And if I want to make it stop?
You press this doofer
Don't patronise me because I'm a woman
I'm not, I'm trying to help you learn to drive
OK, I'm ready
Good, so let's begin - select, first
First what?
Tranquilo, basics first
Merd ! Merd ! it's not...
Calm down, think happy thoughts
I am bloody calm and.... where's the fucking road?
There, just where it always was
But I can't fucking see it
Just look - try the Jedi mind trick - focus your mind
Bullshit, tell me where the road is
It's exactly where it was before....
Ok, I see it now, so I engage gear and then accelerate like this?
Exactly, calm and careful and, oh fucking hell
Oh Merd - I just crashed off a cliff
Did you have a parachute?
Kidding, sorry
OK, Let's start again !

Welcome to Mariposa entering the Playstation zone...

13 comentarios:

Stacie dijo...

LOL...Go Mariposa! Soon you'll be kicking Goths ass!
(sorry Goth, us girls gotta stick together)
I'm not allowed to play at our house...I'm all thumbs and I curse too much.

What is Merd?
(someday I'm afraid you'll be sick of me asking what all these words mean)

zoe dijo...

i want to play! it sounds like fun - but mariposa's driving skills might be slightly better than mine by now.

john.g. dijo...

Sounds like a proper driving lesson!!

phoenix dijo...

Thank god for that, for a minute there I thought you were teaching her to drive for real,and we all know how hard that can be with a bottle of JD in one hand and a fag in the other.

kimmyk dijo...

omg you had me seriously worried when she didn't see the road.

ha! playstation is good times, but so addicting once you get the hang of a game you like.

have fun you two!

Tom Joad dijo...

Dunno about the PlayStation (although I have an Xbox), but my son introduced me to World of Warcraft recently. Jesus, but that's an addictive game. I'm glad I don't have my own account here in sunny Belgium. I'd never eat or go to work. I did play Tiger Woods 06 for about 2 months solid too (I know how sad that is, spare me). Born to geek...

Ani dijo...

Fun! Promise me you two will play Lego Star Wars, though. By far the best co-op game ever, for boys AND girls. :)

Tom Joad dijo...

Lego Star Wars is fantastic! Both my boys and I played it to death. I *really* need to get out more.

SpanishGoth dijo...

Stacie -> I dare say she might.... (Merde is French for shit)

Zoe -> It's different, I'm not usualy a fan of computer games but this was a good laugh

JG -> Cheaper on the insurance

Phoenix -> she can drive already - passed her test in Lisbon and if you can drive there !

Kimmy -> That was the idea (to make it seem real) but she is being rationed on the PS

Tom -> I used to play the PGA Tour golf game but days seem to disappear

Ani -> I've seen that Lego Star Wars - does indeed look fun

Tom -> as per previous reply - days just disappear don't they

john.g. dijo...

Tiger Woods 2008 is ace!!

The Aunt dijo...

I'm not playing any more computer games. I had a brief Lara Croft phase and got NOTHING done.

Sewmouse dijo...

I want a parachute car.
Except I don't have a playstation.
Do they have this program available for PC's with the whole parachute car thingy???

I shall buy one with my ginormous winnings from that lottery I'm sure to win someday - after I buy Scotland.

SpanishGoth dijo...

JG -> Bit premature isn't it? Is Tiger Woods a timelord?

Aunty -> I can just see you in a Lara Croft outfit, if I squint... really hard

Sewmouse -> what on earth would you want to buy Scotland for, except for an external fridge?